What's happening today 2020


That garlic is planted closer than I plant mine. Do you get good sized bulbs?


Yes, I do. I don’t know how you feed yours. Urea in the spring when they show some growth, that’s when I feed mine, than about 3 weeks later with a normal 10/10/10 fert. No nitro fertilizer after late May. I use wellwater for most of my plants, rainwater for my citrus/tropicals.
My citrus fertilizer Peters h/p 25/5/15 works just as good or better. It’s a soluable fert. Excellent stuff. A 25lb bag last years, I am at the third year and still have half. I use it on my figtrees in the spring, like yesterday before the rain.


Just checked my garlic. It’s planted 5 to 7 inches apart. Yours looks about 3 to 4 inches apart. I’ll try your method when I plant this fall. That’s a big space saver.


I will, too. I will plant my garlics closely like @aap next year.


I spent the last 2 days digging out root stocks from my nursery bed, leaving behind the successful grafts from the past 2 years. I’ll use some of these for grafting, and the remaining root stocks will be planted out by variety (probably 6 varieties of apple root stocks and 4 pear - probably a total of 200 root stocks - and approximately 400 viable grafted trees). One more day and I should have them all dug. It’s a little slow figuring out what’s what, checking my records, and verifying with the tag on each tree. I’ve completed 185 grafts this spring, have about 50 more to do, 27 new trees purchased and these all need to fit in this nursery bed as well.


Spring in Place aux Herbes ! Lovely. No people but lovely !


The edible side of cover crops has been a great surprise this spring, especially when we’re trying to minimize trips to the store. I’ve been eating pea shoots and daikon radish flowers and leaves from my front yard cover crop for the past few weeks. It has been a lovely bonus crop and I keep putting off cutting it down to plant the pepper and annual flower seedlings I have ready to go in. Now the daikon are forming seed pods and I think they just bought themselves another week. The pods have that lovely fresh juicy crunch of sugar snap peas with the zesty flavor of radishes. I can’t imagine why these aren’t being sold in little tubs for $10 at whole foods!


Also another food source for bees, pollinators. Radish, turnip and other blooms.


Dreary rainy day here so I worked on my garden starts.


Peppers, Basil and Dill

Trimmed off some dill for tonight’s trout dinner.


My spring vegetables are marching on despite the cold, rainy weather, and being frozen solid on a couple of occasions. I’m too lazy to start most seeds indoors and just sowed the seeds in mid march. I was too lazy to even plant them in holes so I scattered the seeds then covered them in a thin layer of compost.



(Above) My first Brigantine Nectarine off a potted tree. Was crowding another fruit, so I pulled it to counter ripen a couple days. Anyone have experience with this variety yet?


Let me know if it is low acid or not. I ate a very delicious, yellow-flesh, sub-acid nectarine before from a local nursery and the owner suspected it was brigantine, but was not sure.


Got my ACN order after all…

Now need to dig 5 more holes. Oh lort.

Albemarle Pippin
Grimes Golden
Ark Black


Just got finished cleaning more eggs (the picture is of 3 days worth).


Farmgirl, I love that big bucket of eggs! What I’m really curious about is your flower selection. Could you share what varieties of spring blooming bulbs you grow?


Dealing with broody chickens this morning. Tons of attitude and really stinky poop😩


Mainly daffodils and tulips. There are some Rembrant and Slawa in that photo. Also, the little white flowers are actually Carmine Jewel cherry flowers. :slight_smile: Here’s a better photo (Iris and sage are the back drop):


just spent 2 hrs. cleaning my big coop. hasn’t been cleaned since last november and we had a warm wet winter. was almost 2ft. in there. good thing i get eggs from them or its wouldn’t be worth it. cat clean in winter as its usually frozen solid here so i just top it off till’ spring.


I’m averaging about 20 eggs a day with the ducks and geese eggs also. got my 1st goose egg 3 days ago about 3xs the size of my white leghorns eggs.