What's happening today 2020


It was almost 70 F and sunny today in my orchard in Tracy, California, beautiful conditions for grafting, and I’m stuck in Albuquerque, NM for work, and here it’s freezing rain with a forecast for snow in early morning! Leaving California in February is stupid!.. Unless you’re going to Hawaii. :wink:


My neighbor has a 20-year old star fruit tree. Its quite impressive that he kept it alive all this while and it fruits decently. Interestingly, most of the fruits are on our side of the fence :slight_smile: Took this pic on Saturday

Unfortunately, the strong wind on Sunday knocked off most of the fruits (still not ripe) :disappointed_relieved:


Will they ripen off the tree?


That was my impression as well, people are afraid of new food.

Which new varieties did you settle on in the end?


Not sure. I left them with the neighbor.


While we were out last weekend, we stopped by Tractor Supply. I wanted to see if they had any fruit plants or trees in.

Looky what I found-

The trees were the usual bare root ones they have sold before, Honeycrisp, Red and Golden Delicious apples, Kieffer pear, and Redhaven peach. They cost $14 apiece, not bad esp for the apples, as they had some nice thickness to their trunks, about 1/2 inch.

They also had a nice assortment of raspberries, and a few black, blue and gooseberries.

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Those are all bare-root, packed in wood shavings or shredded paper or sphagnum moss…right?


I assume so, but I didn’t look into the bags they were packed in. Also no idea what rootstock they’re on. They also had a nectarine (Red Gold?) and Blue Damson plum.

Anybody familiar with Red Gold nectarines? I just did some research and they sound like a good yellow flesh nect.


the mont cherry i got from them 2 yrs ago was in sawdust. got it for $7. only had i lower branch still alive so they gave it to me for half. its a healthy 6fter now.


A better picture of Mimosa in Sorgue, France. Really beautiful and fragrant. Mrs. G

The blue color of the sky is real. I’ve never seen anything like it. Come visit!


What’s the temp?

Lovely flowers against beautiful blue sky.


50’s-60’s no snow this year. Usually there are up to three inches that last for a day. So no snow really does not make a difference. I will still take in my potted citrus!


Is the ground there frozen?


That doesn’t happen. No freeze. Maybe a bit of frost on puddles, but this year, nothing. There is snow occasionally, but not every year. This was a year without snow. The sun angles are strong and you can really feel the heat on your back as you walk in sunshine. The south of France seems to have rain for winter a tiny bit of fall and spring, then all sun. I’m here and missing you!


If you are talking to me, then no. It’s a mucky, sloppy mess. I was just outside finishing wrapping up the bottom of my trees and it was not pleasant.

But I wanted to get them wrapped because it’s supposed to dip below 20 the next couple nights, and sunny days, so I wanted to protect them from sunscald damage. My cats followed me out there and were constantly underfoot, very annoying.


That’s not mimosa as we know it in the US…so, any idea what the Latin botanical name is?
Not “albizzia julibrissin” obviously.


Likely this one…


Yes, it’s a dead ringer for the invasive acacia we have here in the Bay Area. It drives my sinuses crazy this time of year.


Sorry, thought you were talking to me. Oops


Oh, I was pretty sure your ground doesn’t freeze there!