What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Yes it is not a bad plant for sure. Still I like my blueberries too! I like all berries, and it’s nice to have these on hand. I look forward to increased production in the future.


and you know with so many breeders looking to improve on the crop, they will get substationally better. compared to other more famous fruits, honeyberry is just really starting to catch its wind!


I agree the best cultivars are not here yet. Speaking of cultivars The Arkansas blackberry program has released it’s 20th cultivar! This one rates higher than all others. I was not impressed with the taste of thornless blackberries, but here we may have one I would be happy with. Ripens with Natchez, which is early. Ponca is the name. It should be available next year. It’s not that hardy though, so we will have to see how it does here. The others worked, so i suspect it’s fine. I will be trying this one for sure. I need a good regular blackberry. All of mine are hybrids. New Berry is fantastic and I never see it. I don’t get it? It’s productive too. Barely hardy here though.


i got several bowlfuls off my baby cakes dwarf blackberries. would have got more but i forgot and fertilzed them 2xs. most burnt but some later canes survived and fruited. good sized berry for such a small plant (3ft) . my nelson blackberry plugs managed some 5ft primocanes so i should get to taste them next summer. the baby cakes i got were a lot better than store bought but i haven’t compared them to other fresh blackberries yet. my wild canadian blackberries have huge canes and shouldd also fruit this summer. finally going to get my own blackberries enmasse! sure wish the breeders would concentrate on cold hardiness. Canada’s got a bunch of cultivars but not offered here yet.


The Boreal series is later. Beast is a bland taste. . But it’s my subjective impression. Blizzard comes first in this series. All of this series are fertile and have big fruits.
Well Aurora better. Therefore, I decided to destroy almost the entire planting variety Wojtek and replace it with the variety Aurora. Wojtek is fertile and commercially interesting, but Aurora clearly wins.

I have a lot of Russian varieties and some of the Russians like my taste and size. They tend to ripen and are the first fruit in the garden. There are still a number of varieties that are yet to appear. First the Russian harvest is in May and then the Canadian harvest. This combination suits me.
From the garden I destroyed Altai, Atut, Wojtek, Duet, Tundra, some varieties with small fruits. And restoring planting from new. I want to try also News: Blue Banana, Blue Treasure, Giant’s Heart, Strawberry Sensation.
We will see.


I have been doing this experiment for the first year. I want to use the vitality of the bushes after trimming and shape the bush. When I rejuvenate the bush I cut it off completely. Subsequently, new shoots will grow rapidly, which I will bind together. Gradually gritty and firmer. They will retain this shape. Late in the autumn I wrap them with a non-woven fabric in the shape of a bouquet. Subsequently, in the bottom of the black fabric to prevent the activation of growth and flower buds. These should form at the top of the fabric, and the new twigs should tilt the older twigs to the side to form a bouquet. The fruits should be at the top.

I expect a comfortable harvest without big losses, the fruit should ripen faster and evenly, better quality and taste of the fruit. After collecting the fabric, I tear it off and leave it just tied. This is how I will give birth for three years and repeat it. I’ll see how the bushes respond.

There is a possibility to plant shrubs in a smaller spacing and more varieties together, for better pollination.

If I succeed, I’ll let you know.


Hey Viktor,

I like your bouquet. I t makes perfect sense, and, you’re using the right material. I’m looking at success on year 1.

If I were to buy Aurora for non-astringency and Blizzard will these two pollinate well? How about a mate for these two?

Everyone- who will be selling these new varieties: Blue Banana, Blue Treasure, Giant’s Heart, Strawberry Sensation? Not which lab will be propagating (thanks Viktor for that info.) but nursery that USA citizens will order from? Honeyberry USA possibly?

Does anyone know who has tasted these newest varieties? Perhaps the owners of Honeyberry USA?

Thank you,



i ordered the BU varieties directly from bu. Aurora and blizzard won’t pollinate well. go to lovehoneyberry.com and they have charts of recommended varieties and different pollination groups


Another lovely haskap smoothie for breakfast today.


Berries unlimited is selling these. I bought two 2 years ago. Blue Banana and Honey Gin. Which make a great pair for pollination.


I like to make a syrup. It’s so good! I make smoothies too with fresh or frozen. Right now all I have left is black currant, but man that stuff is syrup of the Gods!


I’m on their website Drew and it says they have a thousand dollar minimum. Have they gone from retail to wholesale-only?


They will sell if you call and talk to them. I forget the head guys name, but if you talk to him hell figure something out. I got like 10 one gallon bushes last spring of various varieties. Theres pictures posted somewhere on this site, I forget what they charged but it was fairly reasonable, maybe $150 shipped or something like that.


Okay, I’m calling on Monday. They don’t answer on the weekends.

Thank you very much, Derek.





That’s good to know. I’m going to quiz whoever answers the phone on Monday for my tailored liking.

I probably could’ve checked my cart out, huh?

Thanks for that Drew.



If you call they will sell any not listed in the retail section. I bought two only, both now listed in retail, but 2 years ago they were not. They sold me two plants only from the wholesale section. Giant Heart is one I want to try. I may add it next year if Blue Banana and Honey Gin are decent.


Appreciate that important tidbit. I’m looking for anything Viktor recommended. ‘Amur’ is one and ‘Leningrad …’ is another.

Best regards, thanks.



When they start flowering, it’s a buzz. I sit down and watch a lot of bees, bumble bees, wild bees flying from flower to flower. it’s beautiful.

Add sound!


Excellent! I can taste the fruit almost, and the honey too…(I wonder if Honeyberry Honey is “water white” like the honey from the invasive honeysuckle bushes in N.America.) And I “hear” the eggs and meat in the background!