What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Thank you very much for that link. I will read the doc over time. It sure is a very interesting read.

Yes those are russian and polish varieties.

Yeah, he doesn’t have an english translation up, thats too bad. If you follow this link ( https://wildobstschnecke.de/de/Botanisch-KL/?listing_sort=&listing_count=288 ) and scroll down to Lonicera kamtschatica there are the varieties listed he offers. His more detailed descriptions are quite worthless anyways since they actually aren’t more detailed :smile: . So you would have to read about the varieties anywhere else. Thats a soft spot in that website. But the prices, the variety of his offer and last but not least plant quality are very compelling.

He has some canadian varieties listed. From canadian and american origin I only have planted Borealis and Blue Velvet.


I have been very unimpressed with borealis and removed most of my plants. Its a nice looking shrub, but there are better varieties if fruit is your passion. I have heard nothing but good about Aurora though so it would be worth trying if you can find it. Also the new releases, Blizzard and Beauty seem nice, but they were just released so no real world opinions to be had, only what the developers have made available which is often misleading I have learned.


I will keep an eye open for Aurora then. Do you have an opinion about Indigo Gem and Indigo Yam?

I read some good reviews about the russian variety Tomiczka. It is said to be quite sweet.


In 7à they grow ok in the spring but look sickly by September. Perhaps more water would help. In any zone weather can vary greatly. In my area temps rarely reach 100 with mid to upper 80s most common in the summer. Crop is poor this year with early flowering followed by cold weather reducing pollination. I’ll give them one more year.


I dont have Indigo Yum but I do have indigo Gem, this is the first year it has set a good amount of fruit so I should know something in a month or so. It is a low bushy plant, tends to grow wider than it does tall, for me at least. I just netted it a few days ago.


Thats perfectly normal. As early as they wake up out of dormancy, they fall into dormancy. Irrigation will not avoid that behavior, it will push their growth in summer though.


I agree it’s normal and nothing to be concerned about.


I got fruit on 4 different varieties this year and they were all bad to very bad. Very little sweetness, i think i will give them 1 more year and then replace them with blueberries.


Did you let them ripen for a week or 2 after they turned blue?


I let them ripen several days after they turned blue, probably not 2 weeks though. The flavor could be nice on them if only you could get the sugar up. The spot i have them only gets sun for probably 4 or 5 hours a day though, so that could contribute to the lack of sweetness.


What varieties are you growing?


If they weren’t blue all the way through, u picked them too soon…


I’m really considering this plant. I haven’t looked but I wonder how they will fair in North Florida. It’s zone 8 b…


I’m in zone 5b and mine have only been blue about 2 weeks. I plan on picking them in a week. Much like blueberries they are tart till ripe. Only the newer sweet plus types are balls of sugar. The rest have some bite.


2 lb. haul today, 3 and a half so far this year. I have to say, they are a lot of work to pick! Next year when they are a bit bigger I will try the sheet and beat strategy. . .


only what the developers have made available which is often misleading I have learned

I think we need to clarify from nurseries slapping their own name on previous released varieties and listing optimistic zone pushing information from data and information released from academic breeding programs. I have found the information from Bob Bors and the University of Saskatchewan breeding program to be quite accurate.

His flowering chart is very useful:

You can read more about their program at:


Nice! Have any pics of the inside of a ripe berry that has fully turned blue/purple?


Mine have been hanging blue for a little over 3 weeks and still not ripe inside yet. Maybe another week?


Here you go Don

Not sure what they’re supposed to look like inside, but even purple ones are falling off at the slightest rustle of a branch, usually natures way of saying, “Hey, I’m ready”


what varieties and how old/mature are your bushes? Seems the berries get nicer as the plants mature, at least thats been my experience.