What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?

I do have a paper map, and you are right, they are very helpful.

I was on vacation when the plants were delivered though. The person taking care of them said they were wrapped up in plastic, and I was worried that wouldn’t be good for them, so I told him to take the plastic off. Unknown to the both of us, the plant labels were wrapped up in the plastic, not in the pot or attached to the plant (except for one). So when I planted them, I didn’t know the variety name, just matched the together by size. So I’ve got a list of what they could be, but it’s going to be a guessing game until I figure out what they were. My choices are : Blue Hokkaido, borealis, Keiko, taka, Strawberry Sensation, and Tana.

Interestingly, two of those plants bloomed alot later than the others.

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Yeah, a paper map won’t help mistakes that can’t be helped like that. I am missing labels from plants that I held over from last year. They were moved around by someone other than me and apparently the labels were falling all over the place in the containers. :person_shrugging:t4: Oh well, nothing I can do about it but try to figure it out once they fruit.


I’m going to do a “Guess which variety honeyberry this is” thread once the fruit is ripe. :grin:


I am also grappling with this dilemma. I already have concrete 2.5 m pillars for my vineyard. I would like a net that would work against birds as well as against hail. For now, I scare away the birds, but I don’t stand a chance against larger hail.

I’m considering doing it similarly to this: https://youtube.com/shorts/MCMXXipRR_Q?si=Nxwe7HYJA684CEcU


This year, the conditions are ideal for the growth and blooming of Haskap. I don’t remember such good conditions. The fruits are abundant. Unless some disaster strikes, which wouldn’t even surprise me at this point, the harvest will be historic. Right now, I’m fighting against an army of slugs, there are thousands of them. It’s an invasion! I hope I manage to handle it, and we won’t repeat the year 2021 when most of my harvest was damaged by slugs.

Aurora hasn’t fully bloomed yet. The flowers are very large this year. There were no strong frosts during budding or flowering, nor was there dry wind. The flowers were full of nectar and lots of bees. Currently, bumblebees are predominaimportant.


What to do with so many flowers? I’ve started drying them for now. I’ll see what kind of tea they make.


outstanding! a problem most honeyberry growers wish they had. looks like a bumper crop year for you. good luck!

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Just to dovetail onto @Vault22dweller identification issue as well …

Is anyone growing both tundra and indigo gem, and know which one has fuzzier leaves between the two? I’m about 80% sure I remember which is which … But a confirmation would be most welcome :grin:

Something is eating my honeberries…and it’s not me. Birds? I have slugs but not at damage level.


It is most likely the slugs. They bore into the berry. It could be a moth larvae, but that would likely damage the leaves too. Slugs are connoisseurs.

Tis the season ! :sob::rage:

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Photos from 4/8/2024


Which variety? Looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Aurora and Tundra.