What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?

Yeah in addition to Aurora I had Willa, Boreal Beast. The sweet sour tastes were from Willa and Boreal Beast which were similar. I had Maxie which made some really tiny fruits so it was hard to get a good sense of the full flavor but think it was similar to Willa etc. Haven’t tasted Solo and Maxine’s Opus but others have and Solo was good and Opus was very good and highly ranked along with Aurora. I have Opus now but no berries yet. Pretty much any of the U of S or Maxine Waters cultivars are fine. Some are a bit better than others, but no bitterness of some of the older cultivars.

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A couple of my plants got that too!

They did sweeten. I was being impatient and picking them early.

These definitely weren’t fully ripe, they needed a strong tug to pick, but this member of the family didn’t care and just spent 20 minutes picking the bush clean:


Did she like them? Hope mine can produce next year and maybe then mine will be old enough to see if she approves


She loved them, but she also likes underripe blueberries, underripe Luma apiculata berries, fresh Montgomery cherries, and arugula, thyme, and oregano flowers, so she’s tolerant of sourness and strong flavors.