Where is the best place to buy rootstock?


Hello Friends,

Where is the best place to buy rootstock for any sort of tree, without having to buy in bulk?


Here you go http://shop.cumminsnursery.com/shop/rootstocks/rootstocks


Do you regularly get below the bridge (Pellston) ? I plan on ordering apple rootstock in bulk this spring and have on hand one year old seedling apple rootstock. Willing to trade for blueberry plants. Might be able to arrange to meet half way as we usually head up fishing( Grand Marias ) around the end of May.


http://www.copenhavenfarms.com/ They sell in bundles of 50 but for the price of buying a few you can buy a bundle of 50


The Reference section of this forum has a list of nurseries (including links to their websites): Nurseries list

In particular, here is the list of nurseries that sell rootstock: Burnt Ridge, Raintree, Cummins, Century
Farm, One Green World, Grampas Orchard, Fedco, Meadow Lake Nursery (per 50+), Williamette Nurseries (per 50+)


Thanks for the link, I added it to the list of nurseries in the Reference section.


I ordered from copenhaven last winter and they were a pleasure to deal with. The rootstock I received was in great condition and all of my grafts took off quickly.


I just realized I have my members mixed up and Naomi94 is not the member I though she was ! So if my reply in this thread seems weird it is because I thought she was a different member that lives close to where I do .


Shipping price for rootstock is almost a much as the rootstock itself. Looking for a good source for the Eastern Coast side. Copen Haven Farms quotes almost $40 for a bundle of 50, of course they are on the other end of the states from me.



I agree copenhaven is excellent and I bought a couple hundred rootstocks from them last year. If your looking for half a dozen rootstocks they are not the place to go. I also dealt with lawyers nursery and williamette last year.


Thanks, I will check those suggestions out. I’m looking for a bundle of 50. Copenhaven has good initial pricing.


Picked up 50 3/8 for delivery in march. Thanks for advice.


Copenhaven has become almost like talking to family for me. I know when I have a question, need to change something on my ever present order or work out a solution to a need they are going to get the job done and leave me with a good feeling about it.