Who's growing Quince?

Was anyone able to try a ‘Valdivia Yellow’ quince?
Is it really yellow on the inside like the one pic I’ve seen of it suggest?

I got two red quince Kirmizi Ayva, a turkish variety. I will get one kuganskaya too.
I still couldn’t find the crimea variety to buy in europe. If any one knows it please tell me…
And any one knows the Cukurgobek and the Muskatnaja variety and if they are good to eat out of hand?

If you contact me in December I should be able to send you scionwood of Crimea.

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Thank you very much! :blush:

“Crimea” is not the actual cultivar name, but rather a trade name used by a prominent nursery in the United States in an effort to have market control. I would imagine in Europe this cultivar might be circulating under its actual cultivar name which is ‘Krymskaya’.


Even so i’m not finding it, but one member of the forum will send me scions… :grin:

Yes, Johann,
I believe that in Russia, both Kuganskaya and Crimea are called Krimskaya.
They are my two favorite varieties, and I can’t tell the difference in taste between them.

John S

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Even in America I use the name ‘Krymskaya’ because “Crimea” is just a trade name. Funny thing about trade names is that the trade name owner can change which plant they use the name for if they want. Why? Because it isn’t the actual name for the plant, but just marketing.

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John, I assume that’s the variety you gave me rooted cuttings of, and I’ve rooted it as well.

It seems to be successfully hosting loquats, and Taylor’s Gold (a russeted sport of Comice), plus Pineapple quince as a rootstock. Strangely, Smyrna grafted to it isn’t doing as well as those other fruits.