Who's growing the Xinjiang Fragrant Pear?

Fragrant pear in the Asian market goes for $2 a fruit. The tree is not on sale at any nursery. I was lucky to swap a stick from someone had a friend in China that sent her a stick a few years back. It is the crispiest Asian pear period. Right next to it is Yali.


Very nice pears.


I finally got some fragrant pears this year, huge round ones like yours Tony, but the critters took all before I could try them. The tree is just starting to bear so I should eventually be able to try them. These ones are larger and more round than the ones in the markets here.


I need scionwood;)

Hi, Tony,
Is it possible to ask for a scion wood of Yulu fragrance pear?
I’m willing to pay for the cost.

Attractive appearance; pyrus x bretschneideri type, do you think?

Hi. Korla fragrant pear and Xinjiang pear are the same variety?


should be the same.

XinJiang is the province, Korla is the town in XinJiang province, where the gragrance pear is grown.

Yulu is habrid between Korla and Xuehua pear, developed in recent years. Does anyone know about chill hour requirement for Yulu?


You got scions from me. My scion maybe originally from China. But it was sent by one friend in CA.

I just ate very few Yulu fragrant pears. Animals ate most even before ripening.

How about red pear?
The whole tree died last year. I lost several varieties. I need to find them back.

I tried one this year… it was awesome! Super crunchy and light-syrupy flavored. I have a couple in the fridge as well to see how they mature.


If anyone has scion available and willing to swap with me this winter please let me know.

You can contact me spring time. I had this variety 8 years. Shared with many web pals here.


Thank you @Sophia2017 i will be sure to contact you in the spring.

No… they are diferent… Korla is like an improvement. It’s biger and diferent maturing time.

Kuler is the official name (I see some people use korla). Kuler is a city in xinjiang, a major area of fragrant pear production. It’s said Kuler fragrant pear is among the best quality of xinjiang fragrant pears. So indeed Kuler pear is Xinjiang fragrant pear.

Yulu is a hybrid of Kuler pear with an ancient Chinese pear. Somehow Yulu never found a commercial success in China. I guess it’s quite easy to find high quality Kuler pears in China.

Speaking of pears, I harvested about 9 kind of Asian pears. I like Shin Li the most. It’s the sweet and juicy taste that I grew up with.

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I have had both the Korla/Kuler fragrant pear and the Yulu. The Korla are more egg-shaped and it has more prominent lenticels; the Yulu is round and more smooth green on the skin. I find the Yulu is much more crisp and tasty, at least from the samples I had.


The Kuler pears sold at Asian supermarkets around 2005-2009 were likely the real deal. Nowadays I doubt you can buy the real Kuler pears in this country - even most of them in China are faked. I tried a couple and they were obvious not the real ones.

The most popular pear in China is Akizuki Nashi (秋月梨). You can buy it at Asian markets in the US. Hopefully someone will introduce the tree to US soon.


I think I had mine about then. Since I remembered posting about it on GardenWeb I thought I would see if my old post was around… sure, it was, from 2007 or thereabouts.

The Joy of the Internet :grinning:

I grew out some seeds and they were tasty but more gritty than the real thing. Before they could all fruit fireblight killed the quince stock they were on alas.