Wild high bush blueberry

Well folks, here I am in the middle of Maine’s famous wild blueberry producing barrens. These are the lowbush types and many times there are dozens of slightly different lowbush patches in a field. These patches can be a couple of hundred years old. You should know that these lowbush berries from these very patches were canned and sent to the civil war soldiers. They can be the traditional berry with the blue waxy bloom that rubs off to reveal a black berry. There are also patches that are all black, pink, and white. The pink and white ones are full size and RIPE!!! There are not many of the pink and white ones thank goodness. Smack in the middle of the Cherryfield barrens is a lake called Schoodic that has on it’s northern shore a bunch of wild high bush blueberries. I have eaten many of them but they are not as good as the typical low bush variety. They also like wet feet. If you travel the power lines near Tatnic in Wells, Maine you will find taller and fuller wild high bush blueberry bushes. These taste much better but still not as good as the wild lowbush. These wild lowbush from Maine are available in the freezer section of super markets across the nation. During August you may find a few fresh wild blueberries from Maine in your supermarkets. These all contain some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit available. And yes, I am proud to grow the wild ones commercially.


I was thinking that the bushes Galina found,might be over a hundred years old. Brady


Yes, I agree. My Chandler grows a lot like those, so those old genes are around.
The Chandler looks like a mini me version of those blueberry trees! The largest branch on it is over 2 inches in diameter. I was going to remove after harvest, and try to renovate the plant. It also only produces on top. It really does look like those old plants.
It has some new branches forming at last this year, and to give them room, and such I’m going to remove one or two of the oldest branches.
You can’t see it well under the net, but can see it’s a beast about 6 feet tall. It is producing and if you let the berries hang a long time they are excellent. With all this heat this year they are really good, best taste it ever produced.

I just noticed in the foreground is Spartan blueberry from Brady, photo bombing the shot!


Sucker is on the bottom , not on the picture. I like its taste the most from what we got.

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sucker is good just kinda bony. :wink: