Winekist apples

CM definitely do not care for yellow delicious- my entire frankentree can be hit by cm but they’ll ignore YD on the same tree. There might be a thread on the subject somewhere on this forum.


I had same experience of no CM on a standard YD.


Wish I could say the same!

@jerry, do you have cm problems on YD then? And if yes, do you have other apples that they could choose instead, or is YD your only choice?

I do have an old Golden Delicious here, though I can’t say which strain, as it long predates me. It sustains some CM damage every year, though it’s by no means the hardest-hit variety. That would likely be Winter Banana, with Albemarle Pippin and an unidentified red as runner-ups. I have 100+ varieties growing on 40 trees in a 1-acre property, so the moths have a lot of convenient alternatives.


Since posting these notes, I moved the Winekist across the street to a neighbor yard. There it gets codling moth caterpillars, living by itself (but close enough for bees to visit it with pollen from other apple trees). Winekist consistently blooms early-mid to mid season among the line-up of eight differing cultivars old enough to bloom so far.
I just decided to try grafting Winekist atop Rambour Franc (quite disappointing in nearly total fruit drop and going totally biennial with little provocation) after another graft failed there. Seems we could never get too many of these ruby gems.

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Got Winekist scionwood in 2019 as part of a swap with Derek. From what Jeremiah said in the first post under this topic, I wasn’t expecting Winekist blossoms for quite a few years, so I was pleasantly surprised.


3 rd leaf … mine didn’t bloom. I forget if it’s on Antonovka or B118…fine in any case as it’s planted as a replacement for old trees I’m not ready to cut just yet.

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