Winter tree work?

when the lakes break up these still 3ft of ice in the middle and some chunks the size of cars come down into the rivers some times pushing up to 500ft. into the woods from the river’s edge. everyone goes to the bottlenecks in the river to watch it when it comes down. when we were kids we would stand on the bridge and watch the big chunks smash into the pillons. ill see if i can take some pics of it this spring and post them on here.

Did some trimming today before the big winter “Storm” of 1 to 3 cm of snow.


Hopefully it’s too cold up there for the dreaded Bradford pear to take over.

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@BluegrassEats … you look a lot like GI Joe :wink:


Couldn’t resist.

2 down and cut/split into firewood… getting close to 3 (rank, rick, face cords) from the first two trees.

I tell you… during the week while i am working… sunny and nice… Saturday rolls around and it rains most of the day. It fanally stopped (sort of) still a very light mist… and I got a few hours work done late this evening.

Any of you know what a (rank, rick, face cord) of firewood sells for in your area ???

I am giving this to kin folks and friends so far…


$80 for seasoned face cord here in upstate NY.

EAB = ?

Emerald Ash Borer.

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