Wood chipper recommendations?

For stuff around the yard and tree pruning I bought an earthquake chipper/shredder. The chipper throat is for 3" and smaller but works best with straight wood. I haven’t used the shredder but the chipper does the job and produces good mulch to use in my garden boxes and around my trees. If it doesn’t fit in the chipper it goes in the wood pile for burning during the winter. Like others have said if you have some large jobs and want to get it done fast rent a commercial size one otherwise I’ve been happy with the ability of my chipper.

welcome! a lot of good information here. its nice to see people from other countries share with us. enjoy! you can never have too much wood chips! how big of branches can it handle?

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Maximum branch is up to 4 cm, it works better with dry wood, but also workes fine with green wood . Thank you very much for your appreciation

I bought one of these:

Admittedly it was expensive, but I have a lot of wood to chip. Even still it’s hard to get out there and run a wood chipper, generating a cubic yard to two isn’t a big deal, but to really get the orchard and lot of places covered I need much more than I’ve been able to do in the cool times. If my other family members could run the chipper, it would be much easier to get more chips.

I’m glad I have my chipper, but looking back I would have rather paid $500 to have someone come and chip everything once, and then bought one several years later.

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Maybe you could recoup your costs by being that someone who comes and chips

We have a Woodmaxx too!


I wish I had that kind of time! Unfortunately I have a day job and several businesses to try and make products for and ship, always way behind on things.

If there was a safe, no hassle way to rent out a chipper and make sure people didn’t damage it, I’d do that, but I haven’t had much of a way there. Heck if people would chip up MY stuff as payment that would be amazing. No one locally has taken me up on that offer though.

That is an awesome one, if I had a tractor I would have gone with a PTO. I wanted one less machine to maintain though and haven’t gotten a tractor. Though now with machining as my side thing, I wish I had a fork lift and a bunch of other stuff. They come in handy I’m sure.

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In my area you can drop off your trimmings at the transfer station for a nominal fee and pick up all the chips you want for free.

It’s probably more cost effective to borrow or rent a pickup truck once or twice a year. Chipping operations are an inherently stressful (meaning high maintenance) environment for a small engine.

I have the 9900. Great machine


My neighbor offered me his Amerind Mackissic Mighty Mac for free. His dad bought it in the seventies and died shortly afterwards. It’s been sitting around outside for about forty years. I cleaned the carb and it fired right up. I use it to make potting soil. It’s way too much work to use to try to get rid of brush. I also use it to chip up bark in the shredder. It makes beautiful stuff. It has four different size exit screens. Leaf mold comes out like black dirt. I like to mix it with cow manure as I shred it. It works for making compost from materials on hand but to get rid of materials on hand I just burn it. I have posted pictures here of the bark I shredded. I’ll have to see if I can find them. This thing goes through some belts too.


I ran some leaf mold through today in about five minutes. I use it around my fruit trees as mulch. The worms and trees love it.


Andy, is that the 8H? It seems like you get an awful lot of utility for the price. How much HP are you running it with and how does it perform for you?

Yes, it is the 8H. We liked that it was self feeding but that the hydraulic pump was on the chipper and powered by the PTO, and does not use the rear remote of the tractor itself. We’re using a New Holland TC35DA, so a 35HP diesel. Power at the PTO is something like 29 HP. We can bog down, but with larger or harder stuff you can adjust the speed of the feed wheel. We use this chipper A LOT! Last season we chipped 601 trees where our orchard will be planted out, and we hope to finish that up this season. The chipper blades are double sided, so when you’re ready for sharp blades you flip them around and you’re good for a 2nd round. We bought multiple sets so we can take them to a local machine shop for sharpening and always have a fresh set available. I don’t know of another chipper at this price that will give you what this unit does. In comparison, we previously used a gravity fed DR PTO chipper on the smaller Massey Ferguson and we drove it into the ground. For approximately the same price, the Woodmaxx is closer to “commercial grade” and is much more user friendly.

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i have a 25hp mahindra. great machines!