Wormwood harvest


Once upon a time I read quite a lot about absinthe. It seems the “back in the day” stuff had a lot more wormwood properties vs. the modern stuff. Being a hallucinogen, the content is very much controlled, if truly allowed at all.


Its almost weed category. I’ve chopped it yearly…comes right back up. I know about it because the Lyme people use it for coinfections.


Wonder if you could worm livestock with it? Of course you might end up unintentionally killing them, yikes, haha. I might try strewing it around under trees. Who knows, maybe it will act as a preventative. I planted it under some roses with the intent of reducing pests for the rose. I also keep tansy underneath this rose. Not sure if it’s accomplishing what I put it there for or not!


Wormwood is very invasive in dryer climates. In many states it is a noxious weed and you are required to spray or kill it. I remember in the 70’s seeing it emerge and in a few years it was everywhere. It may not be such a problem in wetter climates. Be careful with it. You may regret planting it.


Lets not forget about everyone’s favorite Artemisia. Artermisia dracunculus AKA French Tarragon


Maybe…do they eat it? You could just give them ivermectin…which is also being use for covid in some countries (Bangladesh).

I wouldn’t plant it unless you have a need. I’ll have to go see what mine is doing…its stayed in the same spot it just comes back every year and i cut it down again. Its nothing like creeping charlie or some of these weeds that require nuclear weapons to rid yourself of.


i was just about to ask about that. :wink: