Would you have done things differently?

Watch them for long term… more than 2-3 years. It would be a really good idea to create a thread of what apricots have been grafted onto and learn as much as possible.

I texted my biology professor friend yesterday and he said that he put apricot on Cherry and it made it thru the winter so he was able to recollect scionwood and return it to the guy that sent it to him. In a pinch probably describes apricots on cherry quite well.


Would I do things differently? Of course:
I would know most English apples cannot handle Spokane summers; to graft, which saves money and opens the way to more cultivars; that part of my yard has had some kind of vehicle spill from the days it was a parking lot and I cannot plant a tree there.
Any regrets? No, I would have started earlier in life if I were ready and able. The experience is worth passing on and the promise of what grows I am eager to share with family, friends and you all.