Yellow Crush Plum x Apricot Hybrid is actually Flavor Queen Pluot



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Nice! hope they hold up for you. I’m wondering if it’s not a Flavor Queen instead of a Flavorella. Do you have a FQ to compare?

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Yes, I have a FQ pluot to compare. I’ll post pics of the foliage this afternoon.

Flavor Queen:

Yellow Crush:


Yellow Crush:

The fruit are starting to resemble like Flavor Queen Pluots:

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Flavor Queen Pluots:

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The evidence says that “Yellow Crush” is actually Flavor Queen Pluot.


I have Purple Crush plumcots and flavorella plumcots and they are totally different varieties, flavorella plumcots has a very broad leaf (it is similar to a plum but is big as an apricot).
I’ll even take a year to get fruit in my Purple Crush plumcots ,So until then not really know whether my 2 trees are pluot or plumcots (I hope it’s not king flavor, because already I have 3 trees of this variety).

I think like ulises Yellow Crush plumcot It has much resemblance to flavor queen pluot both in the form of fruit and leaves

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I have the feeling that Purple Crush is Flavor King Pluot.

Post pictures of the leaves, maybe someone can identify them.

Okay, Flavor King (left) versus Flavor Finale (right). Can for size perspective:

Flavor King fruit on tree:

Flavor King leaves:


I vote for Flavor Finale.

Well, it’s bigger for sure, but Flavor King is the “King” of flavor in my yard. It is by far the best tasting pluot I grow. I was blessed with a huge bumper crop of fruit this year, and Flavor King is FULL of fruit, omg. Flavor Finale is not quite reqdy. Another 2-3 weeks. #diedandwenttopluotheaven


Flavor Queen pluot ( aka Yellow Crush apricot) will start flowering this week.

enjoyed reading this thread.

Ironic, as it’s one of the first ones ever. I only get a few here, not ideal conditions, but agree, it’s so good, a few are good enough for me to keep the tree. Well it’s only one scaffold. Scott mentions others that are close, and more productive here. I really doubt anything tastes like it, hope I’m wrong!

Is Yellow Crush a marketing gimmick? Or more like a scam? On the picture, it was depicted as an apricot-like fruit, however, in real life, it’s actually Flavor Queen Pluot.

And Purple Crush is probably Flavor King Pluot.