Ziploc bag design change for 2020


I have so much wind here I may have to convert from bags to those nylon footies for a lower wind profile. I’m not very good tying off the footies though- takes me a long time and fingers get tired.


Those footsies are quite stretchy. You can use those twisty ties to tie them instead.


@hambone, I’ve tried pet grooming bands successfully in the past. Here’s a video showing how to do it.


Thanks. I tried footies a few years ago and had poor results. It seems some bug can lay eggs right through the footie. And I had a lot of apples drop off- more than a normal June drop. My huge apple drop problem here may not be caused by ziplocks or footies but something else- tree immaturity, drought, other.


I still have some drops but not as much as when I first started bagging. I do think as the tree gets older it tends to support more fruit/less drops. Letting the apple get at least pea size also helps.


I’m jealous of you guys who can bag apples. I did it one year, and it worked great. Then the critters learned that bags mean food. They stripped every bagged apple within a week of bagging them. No more bags for me.