1 spot left for a tree

Hello and greetings from Denmark.
I am in the fortunate situation, that my wife allowed my to dig two more holes in the lawn :slight_smile:
Now one of them is already spoken for, but i am looking for suggestions for the last tree.

I already have the following varieties, so it should be something totally different if possible
(also looking for suggestions to a black apricot and a bright red sweet cherry)

Ingrid Marie
Orange Surprize
Granny Smith
White Cloud
Arkansas Black

Williams red
Clara Frijs

Ya Li
Olympic Giant

Black Ice
Oullins Reine Claude

Ice Peach
Sanguine de Savoie


Dønissens Yellow
Black Tartarian

Prima 1216

Nikitas Gift



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Surprise, there is no fig yet. That’s something different from your list. Mulberry tree is another consideration. You just need 1 to rule them all.

Good catch. I forgot my fig :frowning:
Im updating the list

Does everything have a pollinator?

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Prima 1216 may be self fertile but you’ll have better pollination grafting another variety into that tree, unless you want to add a second pawpaw. If you want a second tree, see if you can track down one of Jerry Lehman’s selections. Maria’s Joy might be a good fit. Or Allegheny from Neal Peterson is a good one too.

I’d recommend this persimmon if you have room. Hybrid persimmon Dar Sofiyivky

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Thank you for the reply. I do not have more room for persimmon, But i can change one of the ones i have. The Rosseyanka doesnt really do all that well anyway.

The Pawpaw is only 2 years old now, so i dont know how it will fruit yet. I shuld really get a 2. one for pollination. Ill look into the Marias Joy or the Allegheny variant. Only thing i worry about is of the can take the vinters

I think so yes. All the ones that are not self-fertile. I tried to sellect variants through the years that work with each other


What about a sour cherry? Montmorency would be a great choice! I also noticed you dont have a jujube yet. Li would be a good choice.

I did think of Jujube several times, but i have been adviced away from it, as it will not ripen where i live :frowning:
Sour cherry could be a possibility i guess. I will take a look at that variety you suggest :slight_smile:

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I am also in zone 6a. How could jujubes not ripen in time for you? Honey Jar and Sugar Cane ripen around the same time as Nijisseiki (mid Sept) and several weeks before Korean Giant/Olympic.

If Olympic ripens in time for you, several jujubes will, too. Also, Nikita’s Gift ripen in Nov. By then, all jujubes in zone 6a will have no leaves left.


I really should give Jujube a chance then! I just heard from several people it would be no good, so i gave up on the thought

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Honey jar is smaller but i agree if time becomes an issue it is a better choice than li which are larger but ripen later. I also prefer the flavor of honey jar but it is small. I dont know about sugar cane.

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I just based my comment on the ripening time alone.

I love jujubes. If you can get a good varieties, Honey Jar, Sugar Cane and Black Sea, you probably will enjoy them. Some people I gave them to called my jujubes “little apples”. That’s the closet comparison to fruit westerners know.

For jujubes, size does not matter. You don’t want to grow a jujube with large fruit only to find out it tastes like mildly sweet styrofoam. However, different climate may yield different results.

Most jujbes need cross pollination but grafting other varieties to one tree will solve an issue.

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I was surprised to see you list your hardiness zone as 6a, I didn’t think anywhere in Denmark is that cold, so I looked on the PlantMaps website. They list the lowest zone in Denmark as 7b:

Now I know that website generates their maps based on public datasets, rather than actual experts confirming them, so it could definitely be wrong, but just wanted to throw that out there in case it might influence your options.

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I have seen that map before.
I am not sure it is very accurate. We reasonably often get -16- -18 degrees frost (celcius) for a few days in winter.Some years we might be 7b but out of 10 years half woul dbe zone 6 i think.

I am however trying out a few things that might be at their northern border at my place. If they suceed it will give great hope for more things to try


Hi Jakob,

I am living around the corner in northern germany (7a/b). I am growing 2 jujubes, sold as li and lang, though I now suspect em to be just seedlings. If there is no dieback in winter, they do flower but in 10 years never set a single fruit. Dont know if varieties would be different.

The black apricots I grow are Vesuviano, Nostrano, Gigante di Budrio and Bolognese. In taste they resemble more a plum than an apricot. They produce more reliably than apricots.

If you like sour cherries I can recommend Jade, nice large and tasty fruit for fresh eating even. Needs to be pruned annually because it will develop blind wood otherwise.

In Pawpaw I grow Prima1216 too. It fruits ok on its own, but then needs help with pollination (brush). I also grow Overleese, Mango, Prolific, NC1 and some seedlings. None has fruited as early and reliable as prima1216. Prima is ripening quite late though, in mid october.

You could ad an aprium. I grow cot’n candy and tasty rich. They didnt fruit yet, plus your climate will be challenging for apricots and apriums alike. Don’t you like prune plums as eg Toptaste or other? I’m a fan and would always ad them. You do already have some plums though.

Hardy kiwi are good too. They need a structure to climb though.


Thank you for the reply.
I will look at those variants of black apricots and see if one will be good for me.
I am happy with the reamarks on the prima1216. I should use a brush next year to help it out.
Also that sour cherry sounds interesting.
As for the prune plums, is do like them,but they grow everywhere here so i dont really need a tree in the garden :slight_smile:

Thats a valid point. Here it is the same. But in my experience there is a lot of difference in the eating qualities. I never found a “wild” prune plum with the quality of Toptaste ( clingstone though) or as early or special as Aprimira ( an offspring of a mirabelle and a prune plum, really tasty too).

Are you able to graft? I could send you my list of varieties if you are interested. My sour cherry Jade is true to the roots and easy to propagate by cuttings and shoots from the roots. I do have a young tree spare too.

I am able to graft apples, so i think i should be able to do plums as well :slight_smile:
I would very much love a list of your varieties.
And a cutting of that cherry as well. A sour cherry with might just be perfect for my wifes baking habbits :slight_smile:

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