1921 Red Limbertwig

Found a brief description of Red Limbertwig that reports it as the leading commercial variety in North Carolina in 1921. From “The Commercial Apple Industry of North America”. Part of the Rural Science Series edited by L. H. Bailey.


That is interesting. I note some Limbertwigs are mountain creatures. While a few do fine on the lowly plains.Victoria, Brushy, Old Fashion and Myers seem to grow anywhere.

And what of the Black Twig / Black Limbertwigs? Have those been genetically tested?

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This should help you out Red Limbertwig

Red royal limbertwig scion wood and several other limbertwig can be obtained here Apple Scion – 39th Parallel Nursery & Orchard Lawrence, Kansas

@39thparallel can clarify the differences for you. Big horse creek does not seem to be selling scions yet which is odd.

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By1921 Limbertwigs and other varieties that didnt store as well under refrigeration were being replaced with better varieties. North Carolina especially had a lot of old orchards in decline so better yielding, better shipping and better colored apples came along at the right time as new trees and new orchards expanded production in NC.

Here’s a recommendation for barreled and boxed apples. The higher cost of barrels was first realized in the western US. Barrels stayed in use longer in the mountain regions of the east due to cheaper cost of manufacturing.

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Found a 1910 North Carolina catalog that said Red Limbertwigs did fine in the mountains but rotted badly in eastern NC.

Strange as Old Fashioned Limbertwig grows over most of Georgia.