2-3' Persimmon seedlings, plant in nursery bed or tree pots?


I have 50 2-3’ persimmon seedlings coming. Luckily 25 of those are for a buddy. I plan to graft some this year if they are big enough and possibly grow some out and graft next year. I can plant a few in their permanent locations, but many don’t currently have a designated spot.

Would it be a better strategy to plant them in tree pots or put them in a nursery bed? If pots, could anyone recommend a size?



I find it is easy to field grow them like 8 feet apart then graft the one that are big enough when they leafed out like in the middle of May. Let the smaller ones grow for a season then graft those the following May.

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From my experience, bareroot persimmons that are planted sometimes dont wake up for a very long time. I had some in pots that didnt wake up until July last year. I didnt have much luck grafting the ones that took a long time to wake up. The ones that awoke at a “normal” time in April/May, i grafted without much of an issue.

I dont remember the size off-hand but I used these pots as I had some from replanting the landscape (these are mulberries and figs - not my persimmons). If you can get deeper pots, that would be ideal.


Is 8 foot your typical persimmon spacing?

Yes. But if you have space then 10 feet for some American persimmons like Prok because it can get to 25 feet tall and 10 feet wide.