2 new plums worthy of attention

I continue to sample fruit of grafts from Eric’s Plumhill Farm that are bearing for the first time. I’m just finishing what I believe to be DeMonford, a prune type E. plum that gets very high sugar and is extremely good for such an early plum- it’s done and Castleton is still a week away here. The other is a fantastic tasting J. plum called Reema, which set a heavy crop on a year where quality J. plums didn’t set well. Sweet and meaty, it reminds me of Early-Magic which is like a somewhat sweetened and meatier Santa Rosa. So much more sugar and better texture than the Shiro it is grafted to.



I don’t do photos. Sorry but it just isn’t easy with my Pixell.

Too bad…How about some scions this winter then?

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That’s possible- let’s talk about it later- I don’t prune my plums until winter’s end. I’m going to be using some of that wood, but I didn’t summer prune it and it’s a scaffold sized branch with a lot of potential graft wood. I’m talking about Reema. The De Montfort didn’t put out any good wood, unfortunately. I may remove all the plums from it next year so it grows me wood.


I should mention that Reema bears with Satsuma, my favorite red-fleshed plum. Reema flesh is more like Santa Rosa in color. Satsuma was almost entirely frozen out here from Feb freeze while Reema gave me a full crop of plums (too much) I enjoy eating just as much. They are actually more complex than Sat, with aroma and a bit of sour to go with very high sweetness. Since the wood came from Vermont, I assume it is more cold hardy than Satsuma, which is borderline in my Z6. Sat trees die more often here than more hardy plums and fruit less often. Of course it is premature to give a complete thumbs up to Reema, but I am very impressed.


When do your Reema and Early Magic ripen, please?

The scionwood you gave gave me two years ago set fruit these years. Early Magic is in a sunny spot. Reema, unfortunately in a shady spot. My bad.

I re-read your comment about Satsuma. Agree totally that it is not cold hardy esp. the fruit buds. I have the tree for several years now. Fruit buds were killed by freeze 3 times including this year.

I made a mistake by planting the tree in a partial shade area. The years fruit buds were not killed, it barely set any fruit. After all these years, I don’t think I have eaten more than two dozens Satsuma plums.

On a chopping block.

Can the chopping begin next year,so that I can get some scions and maybe Reema and Early Magic too,unless Alan has some extras?bb

Yes, likely to chop next spring (I reserve the right to change my mind).

I don’t think I have a pencil size wood of Early Majic and Reema but will be happy to send you Early Magic, Reema and Satsuma.

I need to post pics later for @alan to verify the varieties.


Sent you PM on unrelated matter


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Early Magic ripens just before Shiro, which is why it can be a valuable plum because of being high quality in its season. However it’s relatively susceptible to bacterial spot which can ruin the crop for me some years- it also flowers early which also sometimes reduces or destroys the crop when others Js bear well.

Because I don’t keep notes, I don’t know quite when Reema ripens- I think about with Santa Rosa in mid-J season.

Don’t necessarily give up on Satsuma. We’ve had a bad run for a lot of different varieties because of cool, wet springs and some late frosts. When I first planted Satsuma it cropped well for at least 4 straight years. Springs have been very cool and wet lately and that’s bound to change.

I’m sure I will have extra of both if you send me a stamped addressed envelope and how much weight and the diameter you like (I am utterly overbooked in spring and it just gets harder as I get older but don’t retire). Or trade, of course, but there’s not much I’m looking for.

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I just read an old post where I said Reema bears with Satsuma, which puts it in mid-season for J’s. Couple weeks past Shiro.

My Early Magic has already turned color. It appears to be as early as Beauty which is my earliest J plum.

Reema is still quite green.

All as I would expect. The earliest one I manage is Methely and has some ripe fruit at my earliest sites already- actually, a week ago.

If Early Magic and Reema are still available,can I still get any?I looked and have a graft of Satsuma growing.

I’m looking for early magic too, have plenty to trade. If not this season next is fine.

I have both and very good wood but I require a pre-paid and self addressed envelope unless you have something I need or crave. You too Drew.

Thanks Alan for the offer. I was looking at what I have to do, and will take a raincheck till next year. I’ll let you know if I need any at that time. I’m going to grow out some root stock this year for more in the future.
I have too much already. I think someone might be sending me some too? I can’t seem to find the reference though?

I was out all day pruning and not even close to done.

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