2 year graft progression pictures

I was going through all my orchard pics for the past couple of years and put these together, I thought it would be neat to show. It is a 2n1 Flavor Supreme/Flavor King tree I bark grafted.
I dug up a 3/4" caliper seedling plum tree that was growing in the back corner of my yard and re-planted it in my orchard in Jan. 2014. I cut it off at knee high and put the two grafts on.

This picture was taken 3/2014 from the north side of the tree FK is on the left FS on right

Here it is 6/2014


Here it is a year later than the 1st pic in 3/2015 this pic was taken from the south side of the tree FS on the left FK on the right. You can see FS is growing more vigorously than FK now

Another year later 3/2016 FS has really out grown FK

Here is a picture of the tree today, FS is on the left, I had to remove about 2ft of FS of to keep it in balance, the tree is about 4ft tall right now


I’d tie those two shoots together. If you get a heavy crop load I could see those two shoots splitting off.

Looks great but won’t bet on it being that strong.

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There isn’t that many fruit, but that is an excellent idea I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!

Next yr there probably will be. Well on second thought maybe never on FS. FK isn’t a big setter either but can set enough to crush a tree if unthinned. I’ve seen them at 200 grams, nearly 1/2 lb.

Ha, come on now…be nice to FS :relaxed: FS actually does well here, true it doesn’t set as well as most others but my original FS has about 100 fruit this year with hardly any hand pollinating.

FS is better than any apricot so I thin you are still in good shape.

I’d like to see a bracing graft, like a bridge graft, from low on the more vigorous limb to a little higher on the less vigorous limb.

That’s going too far above and beyond for me, I’ll just see how it grows over the next year or two. If the weaker FK graft gets overrun, I’ll just cut it off and have a FS tree. Although, that is kind of a neat idea, I wonder how well that would work?

Yeah, not reasonable, but I’d like to see it. I have some of my own trees to experiment like that with, just don’t seem to find the time. I’ve still got a fridge full of scion wood that needs grafting before any such messing around.

The more I think about it, the more I like it. I don’t know how much structure it would add, but it would look cool. Also I’m thinking if I try it, I’d use a different variety scion/bridge wood and graft it so there is a bud in middle of the bridge so I’d have another variety on the tree. I wonder if that would work. I could do another different bridge on the other side of the tree and have two new varieties.

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You’d do better grafting a limb from one onto the other side. That way you only need to stabilize one side while it’s healing. You could graft each side to the other. I see the big issue being how to hold everything still while the graft heals in. That and what technique do you use at the union? Most things are going to temporaily weaken the limb you are grafting onto.

I think I get what you’re saying. Bend a branch from the Strong FS shoot and graft it to the weaker FK shoot? Or vice versa or both. I like that idea, of course it would be just for a fun experiment. I think I’d use a side graft wrapped with budding tape, then electrical tape over that for more structure.