2 Year Pink Lady on G41

Had a clean break at the rootstock of these G41 trees when high winds hit.

Lost about 25% of these trees but the rest look good, especially for the second year.

Bigger trees than B9 but a lot smaller than my G11

Had some FB this year. Not as much rot as some other varieties.

Very little sunburn on these apples too


Looking beautiful. Are those regular pink lady or early pink lady?

didn’t know there is an early one. might need to track down a bit of that wood next spring…

I got my tree from Raintree. It is also known as the Maslin Strain of Pink Lady

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Regular Pink Lady

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beautiful apples

You probably are supporting your others if they also stand on Geneva 41. I hope so, for your sake and theirs. The only tree I had standing on that stock broke last summer from a 60 mph gust, right at the graft union. Cleanest break I’d ever seen, and this on a graft that appeared to be made in 2012. Lost the tree in its eighth leaf.

Yep. I’m using a trellis with 4 tight wires and clips that don’t move to attach the trees to the trellis wires.

My G41 broke with clean breaks too. No excuse for the failures. Glad it happened in year 2 because I had planned to buy more trees on G41

Here is the trellis clip: Trellis Clip – Horticultural Innovations

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