2016 fruit harvest

So far the fruit harvest for 2016 has been heavy. The tart cherries produced more than we could pick as did the juneberries and mulberries. We currently have currents getting ripe and peaches. The blackberries are two weeks away. The blackberry crop is very heavy this year. Much of the later crop volume is determined by Japanese beetle and grasshopper numbers which have been down so far. Pears and apples will start producing in a month. Grapes will produce in a month. Almost all of the fruit has some minor insect damage. How has your fruit been doing this year? Anyone else seeing a lot of insect damage?


Nice to hear a positive report for a change. Congrats

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This is what I mean when I say the fruit all have some damage this year, This is flat wonderful which you can see I finally picked a couple of days early to allow them to ripen inside due to heavy pest pressure.

The peaches have been the roughest fruit so far. The early cherries were very clean.


Clark, how many acres you got?

I have 35 acres Matt. In Kansas land does not cost as much as it does in most other places. Parts of Texas are even cheaper.

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So much room.

Take a look at Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas etc http://www.howmuchisit.org/acre-of-land-cost/. Not all of the land is very hospitable so you’ve got to think outside the box if you ever make the move to an area with lower population. When I was vacationing in Texas some of that dessert property was $200 per acre. I have often considered growing nopal cactus in a place like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-ACRES-NEAR-WIKIEUP-ARIZONA-CASH-/262481443217?hash=item3d1d1cf991:g:ybgAAOSw~gRVvprd

Your cherries look terrific.

Thanks Matt they were a lot of work when they were younger but those carmine jewell cherries are a tough little cherry. I bet they can survive anywhere.