2016 Pumpkin Harvest

Anyone else get a good crop of pumpkins/squash this year? Which varieties did you grow? Any nice pictures to share?

Butternut Rogosa Violina taking their time. Well worth the wait!

I nice variety of squash neatly arranged for curing on wooden pallets. Varieties include Hawaiian Kabocha, Black Kabocha, Seminole, Long Island Cheese, Black Calabaza, Upper Ground Sweet Potato, Butternut Rogosa Violina, and Honeynut.

This week’s harvest of heirlooms. Long Island Cheese (top left), Blue Hubbard (bottom left), Butternut Rogosa Violina (bottom right), Queensland Blue (top right), and Musquee de Provence (middle) also known as “Fairytale”. The French pumpkin in the middle is the heaviest so far weighing in at 46 pounds.

'Tis the season to make pumpkin pie! ^^


I got one small pumpkin I managed to save from the deer. I had dozens that were doing great then the deer discovered they enjoyed them. They wiped out about 1/4 acre of pumpkins, watermelons, and cantaloupe

I got a decent crop of butternut that I managed to mostly save from the squirrels

Pulled the last ones in October for a false frost warning - could have kept them longer on the vine with this warm weather

Lovely squash @Hydro. Really cool looking stuff you have there.

Thanks for sharing!


I like to grow Waltham butter nut. Got about 50 this year. Bug proof and easy to grow.


Makes a nice pie also!


John! Hi! I made a pumpkin pie last night out of squash too. But my oven is hot, I think overly hot. How do you keep your crust such a nice color? At what temp. do you bake your pie? Thanks Mrs. G
It looks perfect!!!

Just beautiful!!!

Great looking squash - and mostly neck, which is how I like them

Wow, nice haul! And I see the two apples sitting with them, haha!
Do you have any pickle worm moths in your area? The Italian butternut I’ve tried seems to have about 50% success with dodging their attacks at a young age. I’m considering trying Waltham to see how it fares.

Unfortunately, I got my Pink Banana Candy Roaster squash in late this year. They only got about 20" long and 5" wide. That is about 2/3 the normal size. I’ve been growing these for about 5 years and I can only get one plant to support 2 squash. They abort any additional fruit. My family prefers these for pumpkin pie now. They are similar to Butternut, except we’ve been able to get them sweeter. We got the seeds from Baker Creek.

Not that I’m aware, the squash vine borer is my pest and Waltham like many butternuts seem to avoid them.

the talisman silicone pie rim. Works like a charm for pies.

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You are sooo right! I have a metal pie rim keeper buy can’t find it. Your’s looks much better. On my list! thank so much. Mrs. G

It also is made to fit different sized pies.

That is the best! How great. you have really helped me!

Here’s a sampling of most of the squash varieties I grew this year, several new to me varieties, and some old favorites. I think we’ve eaten all the delicatas already, but we haven’t cracked into much else. Greek Sweet Red (big butternut), Sweetmeat (OR Homestead), Lower Salmon River, Butterbush, Flat White Boer, Argentine. There’s still a second crop of both butternut varieties and the delicatas (Candystick) in the greenhouse ripening up (and the forecast looks promising). My wife grew 3 dozen pumpkins (we gave some away, made a few jack-o-lanterns, the rest will feed the chickens), but next year I think we should grow a hulless variety.


They are all fabulous. I love squash!

I love squash but I have had a devil of a time growing it due to pest pressure (SVB mostly). I have a somewhat trivial question. My wife and I do wedding planning and we received a bunch of pretty pumpkins from a wedding after the served centerpiece duty. I’m cooking some of them up, and I’m going to save the seeds since I always WANT to grow heirloom variety pumpkins but I have terrible luck and don’t want to spend any money.

So I have a whole bunch of seeds from the first pumpkin to go in the oven today, how many seeds do you think I should save from each pumpkin? I’ll probably salt and cinnamon the rest and stick them in the oven, too as healthy winter snacks. I feel like some of the pumpkin seed packets I’ve bought in the past only had two or three seeds in them, I’m thinking a quarter cup of seeds saved each should be plenty excessive.

WAY plenty excessive!