2016 Tomcot Zone 9b

What a difference a year makes…

Had about 300 more chill hours than last year (100) and had no sign of “Lack of chill” with Tomcot. It is so vigorous and out of control…time to thin out.

Harvested our first fruit this past weekend …Tim, my mom and auntie loved them! Will update on brix (How come I never carry that thing with me…lol). Don’t mind the damage to my beautiful fruit caused by our freak hail storm earlier this year.


You gotta love that!!!

I was sitting here examining your pics, and found myself just staring at that “bush” of a tree and those last two cots, when I realized that not only was I staring, I was licking my lips, too! I think I was enjoying them almost as much as your family. :blush: They look luscious!

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And the tree looks well thinned. Was it you or the hail? :wink:

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Well Tomcot’s season is over. Boo hoo :cry:! Most of them I tested had a brix of 16.

I have yet to turn on the drip for the trees. A lot more rain got under the mulch this winter/spring, so dirt is still damp. If I would have been a better pruner early on, the fruits would have got a lot more direct sun and maybe a little higher on the brix scale. Still a darn good apricot for my area and would recommend to my low chill neighbors. :slight_smile:

I probably get more chill but I’m in zone 9B too. I grafted Tomcot onto my Blenheim this year. I have high hopes now. :smile:

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Hi Puggylover75
Your apricot looked amazing . May I ask you where are you located? I’m in Arizona and looking for a good apricot variety to grow. Do you have recommendations on self fruit variety for me?
Thank you

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Blenheim may be a possibility. And there is a grower in Phoenix that has an apricot he likes. But he hasn’t posted much lately and I can’t find those posts.

Hi Fruitnut, yes, I got that one secured! Blenheim is already on the list.
If can not find another apricot , maybe Aprium? Cot n candy? I know you don’t favor flavor delight. Yes I read all your comments :slight_smile:

@JMC-AZ Our late forum member @FascistNation used to live in AZ and he described Cotton Candy as the best apricot he has eaten. Others in SD and San Jose, also had similar opinions. If I were you, I would plant it.

Hi Ahmad,
Thank you for that great info!!! That sounds wonderful! So cot n candy it is aprium but tastes more like apricot? I love apricot! I already ordered the Blenheim but want one more! I just got hooked on the dried apricot recently, been snacking on it all the time haha.
Thank you

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@amadioranch might have some suggestions since he is in Phoenix.

You might want to join the AZRFG, AZ rare fruit growers. There must be many experienced growers in both Tucson and Phoenix.

Thank you for the tip! I appreciate any input!

I have never heard that before! I for sure will check that out! Thank you so much S! You guys are so kind to help me start , I just got into gardening and growing fruit earlier this year and currently trying to choose the right and good varieties to plant in my backyard! I just ordered 11 fruit trees! Hopefully in couple years I will be able to contribute and share here about my growing experience and fruit varieties for other people that are interested!


Good Morning!

I’m located in inland So. California, zone 9B. Very little chill and hot summers

Tomcot has done very well as well as Blenhiem, Leah-Cot, Summer Delight and Cot N Candy. While Cot N Candy is good it cracks easily at the stem and drops prior to it being ripe. Cot N Candy has since been removed from my orchard.

Hi Jennifer,
Good morning to you too! :slight_smile: Thank you for getting back to me. I have a Blenheim. So between leah cot and summer delight, which one is better tasting? I’m in Arizona zone 9b.
Thank you

I was looking at Tomcot, I talked to fruitnut. He was concerned about me planting tomcot is AZ. Might not be too well suited which I appreciate his input.
Another thing is I will only have one apricot at that time period and not sure tomcot can self fruit , if can maybe just a little. So I gave up on that thought.
Thank you

Per my husband…Leah Cot. Leah cots fruit get huge and are quite tasty. Summer Delight is still young, but has grown very well, flowered and produce a lot of fruit. Husband likes it too but ripening was a little weird. Which could totally be my lack of pruning this year so we shall see. If you search the forums for Leah Cot you should find some threads on it.

I was just doing that, and found a very good thread. Seems like he didn’t care for it too much haha. The summer delight the thread said was only a touch of apricot. I didn’t like that since I want more of a apricot . So that boils down do you think I can grow tomcot in AZ? Very hot summer. Low chill. Does it need to be pollinated to set fruits? If I grow it, it will be just tomcot. I don’t think Blenheim can pollinate it but that’s all I will have.
Thanks Jennifer