2017 DWN Highlights

I wonder what would DWN be releasing for 2017?
I know that their official Highlight is always published in April, however, on their Facebook and their DWN pages, they have a sneak peek right around February or March of what’s new for the following year. This year, they haven’t posted anything.

Hopefully, they release something good.

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Hopefully you will be releasing something good from your crosses😃


these are some varieties of genetics zaigers that are available in Spain I think some of them if they are available in USA but not others,would be nice to know which are available only in USA, one in Europe or in both places as honey blaze or honey royal

clicking on the name of each variety we can see its characteristics:

too much catches my attention that cherry as nimba, red pacific , sms 280, frisco and rocket that have been created in California by SMS Unlimited, found in any nursery in Spain and yet can not get them in the online nurseries USA ( these two varieties only need 300 hours of cold, they have a very large size of 34 millimeters and a weight of 12 grams, are varieties with very firm flesh and very sweet 19 brix)


I will probably release Chocolate Jewel plum in the near future.


DWN 2017 Highlights will probably be released next week, according to Craig from DWN.

Also, the SOFT order program has been discontinued.

DWN 2017 highlights has been published:
Sugar Twist Pluerry.
Ghost Apple.
An unamed low-chill cherry.

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Any info about them?

Here’s the link:


Cool looking stuff.

Who’s gonna take the guinea-pig plunge first?!

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That Sugar twist Pluerry and Ghost Apple looked good. Sounds like the STP is better than the original S. Treat I may as well order one to accompany my F. King and Nadia.


Yay, Tony! You’re always at the vanguard!

I will be ordering two of each.

Too bad the SOFT program has been discontinued, I was looking for that on their website the other day and didn’t find it. :frowning:

I already reserved mine at Bay Laurel Nursery. I will make my payment in August.

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How can you do that, I did not see any available for the year 2017 yet.

I asked them via email if they were going to carry those trees for 2017, and they said yes. Then they asked me how many trees I would like to reserve? I told them that I want two Sugar Twist Pluerries, Two unamed cherries, and one Ghost Apple.

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I have very limit room available so I may need Sugar twist pluerry only, by that time do you think more nurseries available to order online?

Thank you so much. I might wait one of my local nursery I bought candy heart and sweat treat last time , they might carry products from Davewilson but have to buy early in February and more expensive $ 50 plus tax. Or Raintree might carry it as well.

Most Nurseries will have them listed in their catalogs around September.

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I just reserved a sugar twist pluerry & one of the unnamed low chill cherry (6GM25).