2017 Grafting Thread


Danzeb: and people who don’t graft are amazed I can get one variety to connect at a time! It stands to reason you considered vigor when serial grafting like that. What a notion!


Wanted to update with some pics of my 2017 grafting. Pictures of pawpaws, plums, apricots, apples, persimmons, pears, and top working of pears and one of peach on a plum tree.

Your Goldens are doing great! @danzeb


Well, one of my persimmons leafed out to about 3/4" leaves, but they look wilted today. Probably didn’t take. :frowning: I did a chip bud that is below the the whip and tongue graft. It is just starting to push a bud out. Hopefully it will take. And hopefully this first graft isn’t a harbinger for my other persimmons. :sweat:


Somewhere I mentioned how thin and easily shredded Winekist twigs can be. Well, it appears the single Winekist cleft graft (onto M26, thicker than my thumb) is taking very slowly. Will baby this along!


My 15 apple grafts are coming along nicely,!


Yes they are. Good job.


It Here are three ohxf 87 rootstocks that I planted the spring of 2016 and grafted over to Altoona, magness, and ayers this spring growing nicely now


Those look good Jason. What pears are on you list next? You grow a good number of pears nowadays!


I would like a Potomac I think, is there any sweet melting pear I should be considering? Open to your suggestions


Do you have Fondante de moulins Lille yet? What about citron de Carmes? I’ve never fruited either but several on here have and they sound excellent! My small yellow pear is a must have in this area I’m not sure how it will do elsewhere. There are lots of others but some I have not grown long enough to tell you. I’m doing a huge amount of experiments.


I have none of those. I need to get more ohxf87 in the ground, it’s all about the roots, the top side will grow in no time, lol. Your small yellow pear sounds interesting, I have read your descriptions on other threads, sounds like a winner in the Midwest


Question for the grafting experts: I have a rootstock which I grafter earlier this year. It had been doing nothing and I gave up on it and started letting the root stock shoots remain. Well, all of a sudden (after a couple of months) the scion started pushing a green leaf, so I guess its not dead yet.

My question is, should I immediately prune off all the root stock shoots, or do it more gradually. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but it seems that as soon as I let the root stock leaf out the scion started growing…


Either way should work. I’d probably just whack them all off but sometimes I get impatient.


In many cases - Geneva 30 especially - it is important to leave a few leaves of the stock on in order to feed growth of the scion.

For instance, the thin growth of a terribly thin twig of Winekist demands it in a graft I made (onto EMLA26) in late April. Once the scion gets a leaf or two open and producing its own strength, I can cut away all the root stock growth.


Several of the grafts I initially thought would make it, don’t look very promising right now. The most successful were done in late March, followed by those in April. Out of the 5 or 6 I tried in May only 2 (Kanki) look like they’re going to make it.

The best graft so far has been the Roxbury russet on the Big River tree, followed buy the Red Fuji grafts I made on my Dorsett Golden. I’m disappointed because the pixie crunch and Gold Rush grafts all failed, but I’d attribute that to how quickly it got warm this year. we had a stretch of upper 90’s with no rain for a period when I did a number of the grafts and I’m sure that contributed to the failures. Anyway, lesson learned for next year, start earlier…


After the coldest, wettest spring on record - and a delayed graft attempt - I find today (19 June) one Lamb Abbey Pearmain and two Connell Red grafts show life!

The other stick in the Redfield cleft graft (on Gen202) is also showing life. That will help to heal the wound so much faster.
Makes a banner year for grafting here:
Two Connell Red
Three Goldrush
One each of Keepsake,
Court Pendu Rose
Lamb Abbey Pearmain

I know, some of you made hundreds of grafts of scores of cultivars. Am glad for you. but with my limited space and goals, this is a big deal.


Here in Northern IL nothing has been predictable this year. Two and three month old grafts are coming to life while others may have popped (on the same tree for example) 4-5 weeks ago. Same cultivar, same large field rootstock they were attached to on the same day… results are across the board.

Persimmons are growing like gangbusters on field stock:

Persimmon I-115

Persimmon 100-46

Persimmon 100-45 that I accidentally grafted onto 2016 graft of Valene Beauty.

100-46 and 100-45 above two photos I know I put on much later than the others above growing vigorously.

Apricot Tlor Tsiran @Stan thanks a lot.

Apricot Golden Sweet @Stan

Asian plum Sorriso di Primavera @Stan
It will come back. Beetles enjoying it now.

@BobVance Harrow Sweet pear. Thank you. Work of my friend. Partial name on tag. Lightly pressed pencil work. Tag will be lost within 1-yr. almost guaranteed. He’s a champ.



Geraldi mulberry continues to grow slowly but steadily.


Now that’s a nice plant. I think I need one of those.


Here are my Geraldi grafts.