2017 Grafting Thread


Just be careful…I did this and voles found them and ringed a bunch of seedlings one year. Maybe use some hardware cloth around them.


What types of fruit are they? I don’t bother burying or protecting apples, pear, peaches, or apricot. They do just fine in zone six on their own. I do protect potted persimmons and some pluots.


I lost the only two I left out last year, both apples that is why I am a little concerned.
I don’t want to lose 40 this winter.


Sink them and give it a shot you know? You aren’t going to lose 40. Everybody should expect casualties from vermin, weather, and simply weakish plants or roots.

You’ll feel better than sitting them on the ground outside… I’ll tell you that much.

You want to try your garage. I’ve done that, too. Nature always does the best job though.

My greenhouse set at 34F does a wonderful job.



So what size pots should these trees be in at this point? They are all this year’s grafts.


Don’t kill yourself and pot them all up unless they are clearly rootbound (drying up too quickly.) Have a look at several of them.

While they’re dormant next-spring you can up-pot them.



I checked my Sweet Lavender mulberry graft today and it has almost 4-1/2 feet of growth. I know nothing about this variety, but it would be great if they ripen before SWD or escape it because of the light color. My white alpine strawberries seem to escape SWD but Anne yellow raspberries don’t.


@fruitnut Is it possible for you to post again pictures of the Konrad graft variant ? Photobucket made the pictures unavailable in this thread and in the GW ones ? Thanks


Hmm, I don’t know what that variant is or have forgotten.


It’s @scottfsmith, who did what Konrad has shown us. Scott may still has the pic.


Oops sorry


Any of those broken photobucket pictures you can still see if you click on the link (and put up with all the ads that then pop up). I manually fixed the one above by sticking in a copy of the picture.


Did Konrad not join this group?



Nope. Konrad was one of the few hold outs that never chose to join. Even with a dead GW forum he chose to remain.


Thanks, speedster.



LoL… I still go back there once in awhile. Some of the older threads have good info in them.


Do you think this is incompatibility? This was chip budded last August…it is the Honey peach i got from you (unsure of variety exactly)…i grafted it directly to apricot and i haven’t had much luck in the past (i tried a donut peach and it just grew///stopped growing and died)…i think i’ll cut it off and use it as budwood…the nectarine that is growing right next to it–but budded on Hesse (out of the picture) is 2 feet long and is branching.


I really like the method as well. It is a little more effort but it feels like it is almost autocorrecting for the novice because it has the notch to let you pull tight without shifting, and the bark flaps gives you a bunch of contact. I did Konrads instead of cleft grafting an approximately inch and a half top worked peach and have been absolutely delighted with the amount of growth and the tendency towards sealing the original branch in growth that the shape of the cuts encourages. By next year, the new growth may entirely swallow the old branch tips.


It looks like it could be, given how the other things look healthy. Maybe take off the top and bud to somewhere else but keep the bottom and it might still take off…

My honey peaches are dropping too early like they often do. Most of them have dropped before ripe. They also get a lot of bug infestation.


Here is a Coralstar graft I got from @BobC BobC. Thanks!


Here is a closeup of my Sweet Lavender mulberry graft. You can see the original stick wrapped in parafilm. It was grafted this spring onto a mulberry rootstock. The original Wellington died back two winters ago and the rootstock came back up and had a full season of growth before I grafted onto it this spring. The cleft graft was done just above the spiral guard. I was worried because for awhile you could actually see daylight through the bottom of the “v” in the cleft graft, but it has since filled in. It is sneaking up on five feet.

(Edit–> The more I think about it, I grafted two sticks in the same cleft (right next to each other), and the parafilm one seen in the photo is the one that didn’t take, the other one is the one that grew almost 5ft. Both sticks were about the same diameter originally. This is a pretty good visual comparison, I still can’t get over the amount of growth in basically 4 months)