2017 jujube crop





First Chico that my wife did not get

Shui Men


How did Chico, Massandra, Coco, Shui Men taste? Which one did you like best out of the bunch.



The Chico had not really sweetened up yet. I really like Chico when it’s at its peak but this one wasn’t. Massandra was the best of this group. Black Sea ripened before these and was better than all of them. Coco was pretty good this year. It had more flavor than it usually does. Sihong tends to start getting starchy before it fully ripens. It is not one of my favorites.


sure glad to see a radically different assessment from ours, since it broadens the possibilities for people.

Sihong is actually our favorite, and is what we’ve been giving away as fruits, seeds, budwood, and plants to friends and family(who like them as much as we do). Also converting many of our li trees to sihong by grafting them over.

speaking of broadening possibilities, we were quite pleased with R4T3 this year. Radically improved in taste and texture compared to last year’s crop. Delicately crunchy, very sweet and with a pleasant flavor.

the massandra we received from ogw seems to be black sea. One more case of mistaken identity/clerical error.


Nice pics! I may have to reconsider Coco. We really like Shihong here in Dallas.


I like Sihong when it ripens perfectly but that doesn’t happen often.


Polenski jujubes. Very similar to Lang, but better flavor both fresh and dried.


Sherwood jujubes


Autumn Beauty, which started ripening back around August 16, and a few smaller Massandra.


Very nice!!!


All your Jujube fruits looked so good. How many variables are you growing?



I have at least 40 different varieties.


From left to right: Sherwood, Porterville, Honey Jar, Mu and an unnamed seedling.


Are the three to the left shriveled a little? Does that enhance their eating quality?


I remember that Bass posted a few photo of his Porterville in the past. Is the taste similar to Li?



it depends if you prefer them so much sweeter. When they start getting wrinkly, flavor changes from an apple taste to something similar to a prune or palm date. Jujubes have a very wide window of availability, being ready to eat at the creamy stage straight from the trees, and all the way to the dried date stage fallen from trees, which may self-preserve for months (or even years if sealed in ziploc bags)


Porterville and Honey Jar are shriveled. Sometimes that enhances the flavor especially if the fruit is fully ripe before shriveling. For these two, they started shriveling before they were fully ripe so they are not very sweet.


Porterville is a sweet-sour jujube like Chico.


where did you get your black sea?


One Green World, years ago, but I still have it in a pot.