2018 Dalmatie

These are main crop figs from a second year in ground tree.
As you can see, they are quite large, and taste just as good as
they look. My girl friend describes them as “heavenly,” and I have
to agree with her. IMHO, they taste better than BM and just as
good as I 258, which was my best fig last year.


Looks nice. I’m in a similar climate and have very few harvestable figs from celeste because the skin is so delicate the yellowjackets etc chew right through it, and violette de bourdeaux because insects get into the open end plus they split bad in the rain. How are these dalmatie on those fronts? Do you have other variety recommendations that would provide better production in our area? Thanks.

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I added one after your comments, gotta try it! Wonder how they compare to Paradiso?

It has a thick skin and I’ve had no insect damage and no splitting.
Wish I could say the same for similar green figs such as Battaglia Green.
To me, the black dots are signs of ripeness and are on every fig.

Don’t laugh, but do you have Brown Turkey? Mine are bullet proof, except
for the birds.

Do you mean Paraiso ?

Yes, well the same thing in another language. Also Paradiso-Giovanni and Paradiso Gene.
Look like similar figs, not sure? I can’t see well anymore!

I’ve never had brown Turkey. I’m not proud. If BT is sweet and gives me figs, I’m on board. Celeste is sweet and very mild to me, vdb is sweet and very strong fruity flavor. I like both. Does BT taste good?

To me, it’s much better than celeste and much bigger figs.

I’m rooting Paraiso, but have no idea what it’s going to do, nor much
about it.

Ok I’m going for BT next spring.

I have one too. Small may not make it? Hope so!

I met a Greek guy a few years ago and this is his favorite, don’t call it Dalmatie though, he swears it is a Greek fig.

Yellow jackets are a really big problem this year and I don’t know what to do about it. If the insects getting into the open end are crawling insects there is a solution. Tanglefoot on the main branches will keep crawlers from reaching the figs.

Try 4x6 organza bags

Their is a few green figs from Greece. Every country seems to have every type of fig. All are similar but somewhat adapted to their location for the past few hundred years.
I tried to root “Greek Isles” this year, but all failed for me. It is a green fig, red interior.

Here is what I know about Dalmatie
This fig tree is supposed to originate from the island of Lesina (Hvar), in the Dalmatian coast (Croatia).
Dalmatie is a small-sized fig tree, with weak growth and little vigor that has a “bare” appearance, as the branches have little or no ramification and few deeply cut leaves.
The resistance to cold is very high and is probably also increased by the lack of vigor of the new growth in Spring and the fast hardening of its wood in Summer.
The tree bears many breba fruits in Spring, but they really can’t stand temperatures variations which make them massively fall. Besides the excellent taste and large fruit-size, this fig tree should not be grown for brebas production as the rare fruits that ripen delay the subsequent heavy main crop significantly.
The main crop fruits are very big and look enormous when compared to the small size of the tree. The fruit is very dense, sugared and surprisingly, if it rains a little before harvesting, then it becomes juicier without losing its qualities. When perfectly ripe, a drop of sugary honey flows from the eye.

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That describes my tree exactly, except I’ve never noticed the drop
of honey at the eye. and the brebas don’t drop.

It sounds like the weather extremes make them drop breba. This year we had a cold spring with some freezing lows and all breba on everything was lost except for Teramo, it kept one. Out of about 40 plants. So probably good advice to remove in my location. But I will not, just to see what happens. I just picked one up a couple weeks ago, so very small this year, and probably next too.

It’s a slow grower, so be patient. Once it gets established, it pumps
out the figs. I got mine as a poorly rooted air layer, and I it let stay in a
pot for full year, before I planted it. The first year it did nothing, but this year,
it’s really come on strong.

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Main crops are coming steady. LSU Gold, Celeste, Nero 500M, Dark Greek, …!


Valle Negra


Is everyone’s Dalmatie originating from Herman2? I believe he got it from the owner of planetfig.com, who wrote the partial description Drew copied into his comment above, I recommend clicking through to read the whole description and see the pictures, read about other varieties, etc. Better to just provide a link, or give proper credit when using someone else’s work.

I’m not sold on it yet, but did just graft some buds on a few Noire de Barbentanes which have been terrible in ground for me (huge and completely unproductive) since it does look like it should finally ripen some fruit this year (3rd) and is staying small enough to protect easily

Yes I just kept that for my own use. I never planned to use it, but you’re right, if I knew it. I never was on that website before. I got it from f4f. And yes mine originates from Herman2.
When I research a variety I steal all relevant text so I can confirm ID when i get figs.

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