2018 Orangeglo




Sorry fir the loss.

My OG just set fruit a week ago. I just keep it to see how far it will it grow.


The only downside to OG is that it has a fragile rind and doesn’t
ship well. That’s why you never see it in grocery stores or farmers



Does the OG comes true from seeds or you have to buy new seeds yearly?



I’ll answer that by saying that Orangeglo is an open pollinated variety. You can save seed so long as no other varieties are planted nearby. Seed are relatively cheap so most people purchase them fresh each year.


I bought OG seeds from Fedco last year. I have left over seeds so I planted more this year. No problem sprouting at all. I will use the left over seeds next year again just to see how long those seeds are viable.

Fedco packaged their seeds well. I closed the packet tightly and in a fridge.

My OG set fruit late this year because we had very cool and wet spring. I did not planted the seedlings out until late.


The problem with having to buy seeds is they are going to become
harder and harder to find, because OG reverts back to its original
red form. Willhite’s, who originally hybridized OG, has stopped selling it
because of this fact. So, if you’re growing OG by itself, you can save the seeds from year to year. If you’re growing other varieties along with OG, the seeds will not be true.


Do you grow just the OG then to save the seeds?


No, I like other varieties too. Last year, I segregated one bloom,
and it developed into a large melon, whose seeds I saved. I planted those
this year and they all were true, so I’m set for a while.


My first year growing watermelon and I direct sown oranglo on may 12th. I have two that sound dull when knocked and have orange stripe at bottom but it’s only been 80 or so days from seed is it possible they’re ripe weather has been the same all summer hot and muggy with occasional rain


Those look ripe to me. Pick one and try it, before you pick the other.


I took one eleven pounds here it is seems a ways to go ? but it was edible my son ate a lot


I have a hard time looking at a cross section as I always cut the melon
length wise. It gives a better perspective. How did it taste?


It had sweet ness but was kind of mild tasting it was better than a store bought but not by much imo


Have you had a lot rain lately? If so, that would effect the sweetness.


Is it me or does it seems like the rind is thinner on @rayrose watermelon than on @GeorgiaGent watermelon ? Just wondering, I am very new to planting watermelons, but does the rind gets thinner up to a certain point as the fruit matures ? TIA.


I’m curious about Fedco’s OG seeds. The catalog shows two different OG’s
and they describe it as being adapted to the Northeast and weighing between
10 -20 lbs. That’s not the OG that I grow. OG is a long season melon and weighs between 20-30 lbs.


Did you buy your seeds from Fedco? Your melons should be at
least twice the size you’re showing.


Baker Creek had very heavy rains the few days before I pick.


The description of the two are identical. One has ECO on it. The other does not. I bought the regular OG seeds.

Last year it had one fruit. I picked it rtoo late and it was overripe. Still it was sweet. I could not remember the weight but could be around 12 lbs.