2018 Orangeglo


This is the first OG of the season that I picked this morning, and it
was perfectly ripe and delicious. Some of you have had issues in
determining, when to pick this melon. The tendril method doesn’t work well. A dull sounding thump is a good sign, but the best sign for me, is checking the bottom. I’m including 2 pics of the bottom. Notice the orange coloration and the prominent orange stripes. If these aren’t there, the melon isn’t ripe, no matter what other signs you have. My girlfriend’s mouthful of melon big smile told me all I needed to know. Everyone whose location is suitable for growing long season melons, needs to try this melon. It’s the Super Bowl of watermelons


What makes it so good? I’ve grown the tried and true Jubilee. Can you compare the taste to a good red watermelon?

Great pics, btw.


I’ve got this growing in the garden, from saved seeds. They are dinky right now but thanks for the tip on the tendril.


Some of the best watermelons are not red. Luscious Golden, Yellow Moon and Stars, and Orangeglo are just a few of the better flavored non-red melons.


I grow good red watermelons too, but this is in a league all by itself.





Did you start the seeds indoor first before planting them inground?



No, I always direct seed.


Watermelons can be started indoors and transplanted into the garden. They grow rapidly so it is important to set them out soon after germination. I usually do not hold them in the greenhouse more than 2 weeks post germination. I suggest using 4 inch cups as the minimum size container for watermelon. Smaller containers can be used so long as the seedlings are set out before they get rootbound.


Agreed. The sooner you set them out, the better they do.


o yeah thats an orangeglo


I’m getting excited here! Our patch is filling up, and there are melons on the vines. :slight_smile:
I hope @Fusion_power’s reccomendations like it here. The yellow moon and stars has yellow speckled leaves…pretty neat. Also trying orange glo and the orange glo/white wonder cross, and others. With the heat on and the humidity up it would sure be an awesome treat.


My one and only Orangeglo for this year. My 5 year old keeps asking if this will be ready for her birthday. August 24. I’m not quite sure. We will see.
This is from lseeds that I got from Mamuang last year. Orangeglo vine is going nuts together with some butternut squashes.


By the way I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to keep this big boy to be on the fence.


Definitely NOT a good idea.


I thought so :slightly_smiling_face:… I don’t know if I can bring it to the ground level without breaking the vine. Maybe old leggings as support hammock will do?


This thing can grow big. The surface space of that fence will not be large enough for it.


I have to figure something out. Not sure what. I was away for few weeeks and when I came back it had grown through the fence and produced a tiny fruit. I didn’t want to mess with it at that time for the fear of breaking the vine.


I grow Crimson Sweet every year and this year I’m trying out Congo. What’s the taste of orangello like? Similar to reds?


Well… too late to figure something out. I found the Orangeglo on the ground today. Not sure if it broke off by itself or a squirrel jumped on it. Either way it was way too exposed and asking for trouble. Even if it does set another fruit now, not enough time for it to ripen. Lesson learned :slightly_frowning_face: