2019 - Late Ripening Pears

Pears are getting ripe very late in 2019. Douglas, Duchess d’ Angoulme, and improved kieffer are still mostly on the trees. Anyone elses pears getting ripe late this year?

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It seems to me that things are running differently from last year, and last year was different too.

As I understand it the weather of the current year actually has less influence on a crop than the weather of the previous year. Once you try to factor the both of them you can get into something of a mess. So I don’t know what to think.

But short answer? Yes, I think things are later this year. Certainly has been true of my apples.

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No, not in Kentucky. By mid August I had picked any apples, that the bears hadn’t eaten. A tree (not Macintosh we’ll call it) I always harvest in late September or early October…all the apples “disappeared” one night in early August…20 foot tall or more tree.

I picked Frostbite in early August…it wasn’t actually ripe, but it was on the sweet side regardless. Then the tree died from drought in early September. G11 or G41 I dont’ recall which from memory.

So, things were definitely ahead of the usual ripening times here. Picked the last of my mom’s Winesaps that I could reach a week ago…not colored hardly, but ripe. Most hit the ground in mid September. The ones left kept growing despite the super dry fall.

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Are those your latest ripening pears most years? I’m interested in exploring options for especially late ripening pear varieties. Anyone else have recommendations?


I can tell you ars grin have some particularly late types available and some early ones as well. I was shocked when i first researched this to learn some pears ripen in June

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