2019 NAFEX-NNGA joint conference

NAFEX…= North American fruit explorers.
NNGA …= northern nut growers association

Two wonderful groups at the same venue .
Going to be a lot of good people all in one place.
Hope to see “YOU” there !
Mark your calender, ask for time off.
These meetings are So …! Good !!!

Tentative schedule …


Just bumping this back up.
If you have a topic you would like to present at the meeting,…now would be a good time to speak up.
As the planning is under way.

If you have not asked for time off work, ?
This is a reminder !

Again… Hope to see YOU there.


Right down the street from my office!

Here is the link to the registration form. Looks like Kathy Dice and Tom Wahl of Red Fern Farm are major hosts/organizers.


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I’m bumping the Iowa and Illinois folks on this one. It would be cool to meet some folks at this event.

Oh and Wisconsin too @warmwxrules

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Here may be a better link about the meeting,
As this is still in the planning stage, I will post more info as it comes in.
If you like to grow fruit and or nuts this is something that will be very worth your time.

Wow, this is the first time I might actually be able to attend an awesome conference like this. Thanks for the heads up, Drew. Going to do my best to make this happen!

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Hi,Drew thank you for the info. It would be cool to meet some of the forum members, and more fellow fruits and nuts enthusiasts at the conference. At this moment i am not sure if I am able to go or not , but happy to know there is such event coming just in case I can make it


Thanks for the info. (Made the mistake of mentioning it to the better half…, I’m awful about planning ahead but she’s always up for a mini-vacay so maybe…)


Just want to bump this back up…
July 3rd is the dead line for early bird ticket pice break.!
NNGA site is best to find info , go to the bottom of page and click on "2019 annual conference " for updated info.

Iam getting excited !

Bump again…
Wondering who from this forum is planing to attend ?
We should have some way of meeting at the meeting, and get to know each other, .
… Growing fruit.org on our name tag … .?
A table together for a dinner …?
Secret hand shake … ?
Who’s going… .?
Sure to be fun. !

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? .?, ? …! …
Anyone ?

I would have loved to attend this meeting. Can you tell us any lessons learned and if anything you learned will change any of your current practices when it comes to fruit and nut growing. Thanks.

To single out a lesson learned would be tough.
What I can say is that the head count was around 200 people each of the three days. The kind of people you would like to meet.
Many presentations. On many different topics.
Many conversations in the hallway, at dinners, and late into the night. The amount of information is kind of overwhelming.
I just love meeting with so many people that have such a passion for growing fruit and nuts.
Only one member from here that I met.
Wish you" all" could have made it.
Next year NAFEX may meet in Pa.

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