2019 Pumpkin Harvest

Seeing there isn’t a pumpkin/squash thread yet I thought I would start one.

Having to go through and pick everything before the big storm.

I planted Winter Luxury, New England Pie, and Waltham. I started the pumpkin seeds indoors plenty early but didn’t get them in the ground anywhere nearly as early as they should have been. The butternut I seeded in ground when I did my zucchini. But still didn’t do too bad! I am happy to see that winter luxury ripened up for me, I wasn’t sure it would but those 4 were actually ripe quite a awhile ago. I imagine if I would have gotten the plants in earlier I would probably have more.
Here’s a question. I’m pretty sure most of the green ones will turn orange, especially since they almost have some signs of orange already but will the quality be the same as those that ripened on the vine? I’m guessing that like anything else picked early they won’t be as flavorful and sweet. I can’t wait to post some pictures of the pumpkin creations!


They are all beautiful and look so well grown. The colors are all FALL!!! Great!