2020 Midwest Derecho

We got hit by the August 10, 2020 derecho here in Cedar Rapids. There were peak gusts of 112 nearby in Marion and the official report I saw in Cedar Rapids was 100 mph.

We’re fortunate to have little damage to our home. Only a few cracked pieces of vinyl siding from flying debris and we lost our sons’ playset. Our family is okay although my parents-in-law had a tree on their garage roof it only damaged a few shingles.

My orchard took a beating. Both ours and our neighbors playsets came loose from the ground and blew through my orchard. Six trees were bent over and have a bunch of abrasions to branches. One tree - a Harrison crab on G.202 broke at the graft union. I am pretty happy that all but one tree should make it. And am especially surprised to see that all but one of my 10 Geneva rootstocks graft unions held up under the wind and smashing from debris.


That was a heck of a storm Drew. I didn’t have any damage but 20-25 miles north of me in the Quad-cities (Davenport IA) for example, they got a pretty good beating. No power at my folks for 36 hours and the Jewel grocery only blocks away still didn’t have power after my folks had their power restored, one day after.

It can always be worse ya know. Looks pretty mild for you. Get the caulk gun out and fill those cracks or holes. That’s what I do upon recommendation from the carpenter that built my home. You’ll never notice the caulk even if imperfect. I have a medium brown vinyl siding home and dark brown caulk I can’t see the difference. I get rocks shot at my siding from my driveway so I walk around every now and then to repair.

Glad you’re safe.