2020 pick of the day


Liberty. Touched these two this morning and they dropped into my hand.


Lots of tomatoes every day. :tomato::heart:


Todays harvest

Sundays harvest


I had to laugh about this because I have quite a few grafts and even trees that have a question mark! Why do we do this to ourselves. Probably like yours, mine can be for a variety of reasons. Original tag fell off and I THINK I remember what it was, or I took so long to make the tag that by the time I did I wasn’t 100% sure what it was, at the time I did the graft I thought I MIGHT have mixed up some scions, the person I got wood from said they weren’t 100% sure it was what it is suppressed to be, and so on. I really hate these because those question marks follow it for a lifetime and every time I look at the tree or blooms taste fruit, I’m always trying to figure out if I am certain enough to remove the question mark but I never really am so they follow it for life!!1

I bet we aren’t the only two with some “?”'s on out tags!


I am guilty on this one too


It has to be one of those reasons,because I can’t think of any other possibilities.What really irks me,is,that it’s my favorite fruit this year and want to be 100% sure.Oh well,maybe I’ll get some known scions and try again and see if the fruit matches.bb


Well someone had to say it. I also have a few. Some of my notes on tags say. Unk Asian pear, ? apple. ? Yamhill hazel. On a few occasions my 2020 pick of the day just wasn’t identified and I hoped that no one ask.


From garden


grafted that on my y. transparent . all 3 took. might get some next summer.


same here. I’m terrible at keeping up on tags. i know what I’ve grafted so i guess ill figure them out when they start to produce. :wink:


Red Baron Peach. Absolutely phenomenal. As the tree has matured these peaches have become one of the very best. Right there with Baby Crawford and Rio Oso Gem. Large, juicy, sweet and the flavor! I will say that it takes a small miracle to get perfect fruit as the peaches are susceptible to all fungal diseases it seems like. Sometimes it’s good to live in a very dry climate.


Glad to hear your high praise on Red Baron. Last year was my first year gettingthe peach. It was awful. Besides sour, it had nothing else.

I have a few more on that branch this year, I hope they will taste more like yours than my last year’s.


Whatcha making with those yard long beans? :cowboy_hat_face:


2 years ago the fruit was nothing to write home about. But my tree has gotten much larger and I suspect the increased leaf count and root system really makes a difference. I also have a drip system which may make a difference as well . Here is a pic of the tree, on citation.


This cultivar is so productive.I got more beans that I can eat fresh.I am making dried yard long beans so it can be stored for over a year. Well, it doesn’t last that long in my home, we love to have pork braided with dried yard long beans. I am also making yard long bean pickles in the jar with hot pepper, garlic and ginger root. It is a very tasty hot and sour stir fry dish with ground meat.


Your yard is so neat and organized. Your trees are well cared for and look great.

I hope my Red Baron will get better as the graft/branch matures.


Nice emoji. :wink:


Elephant Heart plum: I like it better now. The fruits stay firm in spite of the heat wave so we can choose and pick only some when we want. The inside is juicy, firm, and red, The fruit is sweet when slightly soft to the touch, sour if very firm. Hard to tell by the skin color because of the greenish-brown bloom.

The biggest plum is still sour.

Flavor Queen: the first ripe ones in so many years, and the only Candy Heart on the old tree.

Emerald Drop and Flavor Grenade pluots

Emerald Beaut Plums: stay on the tree for a long time and are still very good


How does Emerald Beauty compare to Emerald Drop?


Picked 90% of my Apples only left few for family kids to come and pick. Gala