2020 pick of the day

@Jesse S
Follow your lead, I make the new thread for 2020. Hope it gives everyone a happy time looking at the pictures from different places
Please contribute pics of your fruit/veggie picks, just for fun please.

Yosemite Gold mandarin

Cocktail grapefruit

Gold Nugget mandarin

Honey mandarin

Pixie mandarin in the box, Dancy mandarin, and the only Tango mandarin

Minneola tangelo

Navel orange


I think it’s useful to add the fruit/variety names. So, can you please add them?


Agree with @Ahmad. It is far more meaningful to list the names of the fruit or the varieties.


Thanks for a very good suggestion. I have added them in.
When I store the pictures on the laptop I can label each picture so the name of the varieties will be shown if you click at the bottom of each picture.


Prime Ark Freedom blackberries.


The temperature will be nearly 100F this week. We wanted to try some of the fruits, in case they won’t survive the heat, even though they are not ripe.
Prime Ark Freedom blackberries: ripen a lot everyday, taste very good
Sungold cherry tomato: first time planted, the peel is still firm but the inside is very good. I have forgotten how flavorful the homegrown tomato can be.
Jewel blueberry: still sour
May Pride peach: The best early peach I have tried: it is crunchy with no bitterness, has a good balance of sweet and tangy, and a nice peachy taste.


The first Fausterime finger lime of the year!


100 F ? I won’t see that until July! :roll_eyes:


This is the first year that it got hot so early. The third week of April was in the mid 90 F. This week will get near 100 F until the weekend. We had the irrigating systems on three times a day, plus extra hand-watering for the new plants. The last few days I wrapped all the containers in heavy duty aluminum foil, including the mini raised bed for veggies. It cooled down the black plastic significantly. I think the foil discourages the ants, and I see no roly poly bugs eating the new veggie leaves. We like the May Pride peach the way it is right now. I think we will eat them while they are good. Last year the Sweet Treat pluerries were good in the beginning, and then turned mealy later.


This is the first Minneola Tangelo picked off of our tree back in March. Not quite ready, so we left the rest to hang for a bit longer.


The heat was too much so this morning we picked about 1/3 of the May Pride peach. There are a lot of the pit split ones, I don’t know why, but the taste doesn’t change. We like the unripe crunchy ones for fresh eating so we will probably pick them all today. The more ripe ones have thicker skin and will end up in smoothies. The tree has no problems, no bugs since we bought and planted in container last year.
The only Arctic Star nectarine dropped from the heat and was not sweet enough yet.


Hope my tree’s continue to produce memorable eating fruits.Here are some of mine.


Scarlett Beauty plums, ripened on the counter for a few days. The bugs get them if I let them ripen on the tree. Adapt!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No citrus, no 100⁰ temperatures. Heck, we had strong wind and barely made it into the 40s today. However…

Morels are a couple weeks behind the norm.
Once we get some rain and warm weather, there will be copious large blond morels. :crossed_fingers:


Mushrooms? To die for!I

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Arctic Star nectarine, May Pride peach, Prime Ark 45, Jewel blueberries, and Sungold cherry tomato

Flordaprince peach, Prime Ark Freedom and one Earlitreat peach.

Earlitreat is more flavorful and tastes better than Flordaprince peach. PF45 is smaller but tastes better than PAF. May Pride peach is actually freestone and sweeter when ripe.


The rest of the May Pride peach. The harvest this season is very good considering we just planted it last spring and eating some everyday for two weeks. There is no PLC or any mark on the fruits. Except for a few fruits I thinned from feeling guilty, all are stable until the end and taste good.

This is not quite fit with the topic but please let me know the answer. The different squash are blooming. When I planted zucchini a long time ago, they had a lot of flowers but set no fruit. Do they need hand pollinating if there is no bees around?


A dog with a squirrel in the mouth is what I need. Good dog👍


I’m not entirely sure the answer to your question- mine usually abort the first few flowers then start producing. It wouldn’t hurt to try and hand pollinate if you don’t see any bees.

Is that tin foil around your plant? Is that to prevent borers?


I will try hand pollinating them . Thank you.

Because of the gophers, I have chicken wire almost everywhere on the ground so it it very hard to dig a hole to plant. I put each new plant in a 6"x6"x6" mini raised bed open at the bottom and filled with potting soil to give it a good start, hopefully the new roots will go down the ground later. The heavy duty aluminum wrapped around is to deter the ants and stop the roly poly bugs from getting to the new leaves. All the veggie plantings are small because they are just for me and my husband.

Bok Choy and lettuce