2020 pick of the day


Long Beach peach. The skin is bitter but easy to peel off. Good in smoothies

Tropic Snow peach. Crunchy and moist, not so sweet but very good on a hot day. I have the tulle on since they are not quite ripe and there are so many birds around.

Long Beach peach (right), Tropic Snow (left) and some unknown apricot

Arctic Star nectarine. Not very sweet, the heat was too much so they were wilting a little

Mixed lettuce. Very good. The aluminum foil works well, no poly roly bugs on the soil surface.

Cucumber, I didn’t expect so many big and small spikes.

This is almost an everyday pick of blackberries from two Prime Ark 45 and two Prime Ark Freedom.


Wonderful fruit! Any brix readings?


Sorry, I don’t have the instrument. They are not as sweet as the varieties that ripen in summer.
My husband likes the sour and crunchy fruit so they rarely last until fully ripe. He always says they are so sweet while I still taste the sourness. I start getting two trees of anything we both like.
We got the first Cot-N-Candy aprium today. I think it needs another week to be really sweet, but oh well… It is still very good.
The oranges we removed in March because of the rats got sweeten last week. He makes orange juice and it is very good.


Black Mission figs. Not quite ripe, but the tree is in the front yard with almost no protection so I wanted to try before the birds get them. The darker part is sweet. My daughter never wants to eat any kind of figs no matter what I say, the center looks weird to her.
She doesn’t like apricot, but loves the Cot-N-Candy aprium. The softer one is very sweet.
I am so happy that the big Albion strawberry has no bug bite because I put the plant in the mini raised bed. I will plant more in a bigger planter with aluminum foil wrapping.


Cot’n Candy looks fantastic, figs look mediocre (definitely under ripe). Never tried Black Mission, but first class figs are super good! If you don’t have one, get one and you will not regret it.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have five types of figs so it is hard to convince my husband to add another. He already has dried fig as part of breakfast everyday.
I am not good at describing flavors, but they are all very good when ripe. They are ripen at different times.
Black Mission: is the favorite of my husband and my sister.
Brown Turkey: I thought it was killed by the gophers many years ago. Last year it came back after I blocked the gopher’s route, and is full of fruits now
Garnsey: the fruit is very big, juicy, very sweet and good, but bruised easily. I only can eat one half each time from the fridge. My neighbor’s favorite.
Janice seedless: good but nothing special.
Panache( Tiger): the prettiest of them all.


I think those varieties are good, but not great (except Panache, which I heard a lot of praise for). I understand your space constraints, but if I were you, I would graft a few other varieties on the trees that you have. My suggestions are: Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley, Strawberry Verte/Adriatic JH/Battaglia Green, Preto/Black Madeira, I-258, Bourjasotte Grise. All top quality, and there are more.


My kids put this together, not advocating anyone eat rose petals and honeyberries together but they are pretty :grinning:


I never graft anything before. I really don’t know if they will survive the very dry and hot summer here, sometimes over 110 F.


There’s a first time for everything; perhaps next Feb would be a good time.


Carolina Red June my first ripe apple for 2020.


All of those great varieties that @Ahmad mentioned should survive and produce well in your area. Once you learn grafting (first year for me), you can significantly expand your varieties in your garden


The first Geo Pride pluot: very sweet.
Tropic Snow peach: not quite ripe so only the very red skin part is sweet. They are good either still crunchy or wait until fully ripe, in between is just so so…
Prime Art 45: good but so many thorns, even the birds give up.

Garnsey fig


Tropic Snow: the crunchy ones are better so we will pick all the very firm ones tomorrow.
The last Arctic Star: very nice and sweet.
Geo Pride pluot: very sweet

Garnsey: very sweet right off the trees, which are inside bird netting enclosures. They are white figs but in summer the inside of some will be pink when there are Panache figs around.
Black Mission: very sweet after a day or two on the counter. They will be very sweet when ripen on the tree also, but there are some beetles around so I don’t want to take chance.


It was nearly 100 F the last few days, still 90 F at 7 pm, so dry, hot and sometimes windy.

The first Splash pluot: crunchy, sweet and sour, very nice

The first Snow Queen nectarine: crunchy, sweet and sour, surprisingly good. The last few years we had to wait until they were ripe and the skin was still bitter.

Black Mission figs and Snow Queen nectarine


First kohlrabi!

BTW: Is it Kohlrabi or something else? Google tells me cabbage turnip?!?!?!??


Cabbage turnip = Kohlrabi. I think it’s a calque.


Thank you! I had English in School for 6 years and while I feel I have generally a good level of understanding it shows that vegetables weren’t a priority!


It is Kohlrabi. We stir-fry them with tomatoes and the young leaves too.


I love them soo much! And purple ones even more! :yum:
We eat them raw on juice and salads like carrots or cooked on soup, rice, etc. The leaves are very good too!