2020 pick of the day


Your English is likely better than my German. It took me 2 days to figure out that I had to ask for “gestilltes Wasser” at the restaurant unless I wanted sparkling.


We use them, julienned and raw, in the Vietnamese “goi/nom” too.


They are a bit sweet… very very good! And are very nutritious too. :yum:


My mother didn’t use the leaves. Only lately I found out all the young leaves of Kolhrabi, Daikon, and even Cauliflower, are good in stir fry if they are fresh.


Here people don’t know it and i didn’t too untill i saw it on a biological market two years ago. Last year i grow them and are very easy… more than turnip.


Maybe I will try planting them after summer. It is way too hot now, the beans have a hard time under the sun.


Are the purple ones sweeter?
These we ate stirred in butter with some onions for about two minutes, they were really tender!

@PharmerDrewee: German IS difficult. For example it should be ‘stilles Wasser’ but the difference is impossible for me to explain.
Did you go on vacation to Germany?


For my taste the purple ones are sweeter, specialy the leaves. They are really really good. I don’t understand why people don’t know and use them more often here.


My mother has already bought the seedlings for the second planting, otherwise we could have tried the purple ones…Next year…


They grow very well by seed on a vase…


Donut peach: sweet and crunchy, or very juicy and sweet.

Tropic Snow peach: the last of the season, balance of sweet and sour, very good peach

Donut peach, Splash pluot, and Snow Queen nectarine

Lettuce mix, with Grape and Sungold tomatoes


The first Santa Rosa plum. It is from a new tree and much bigger than usual. I don’t know if it was pollinated by the Elephant Heart plum next to it.

Snow Queen nectarine: this small tree is in the front yard, very hard to protect, so I picked them all. They are small but good, crunchy, sweet and sour. Hopefully the one in the backyard can grow bigger and ripen later.

Donut peach: on the sloped hill. I pruned a lot last year. The new vertical growths do not have fruits, but they hide the fruits from the birds so we didn’t lose any. Only the sides facing sunshine have dark pink color. They are all very good and sweet, from crunchy to soft.

I was curious. This Donut peach weighs 326 g = 11.5 oz

Garnsey figs

This one weighs 112 g = 4 oz


Everything look great! Are those brebas?


Thank you. You would call them brebas I guess. The two plants are old and each is in a 5’ x 5’ x 12’ bird netting enclosure, so I have to prune off new growth regularly. The branch all have small figs which will get bigger and ripen for a while.


Blackberries are ripening! These are Natchez.


I have a packet of the heirloom, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, that I am excited to grow and try in my garden. This will be my first time planting Kohlrabi. The packet says it is an excellent source of vitamin c.


I can see why they are named the donut peach. They look and sound delicious as does that lovely salad!


I just love it! I’m shure you will love it too, and is sooo healthy! Really good and leaves too!


I have not been good about taking pictures of some of our early pickings but here is a colander full of tall curly leafed kale and the last of the rhubarb. Just started picking the strawberries and our grandson ate the first ripe ones out of the garden, so no picture. I have also been picking lettuce, Viroflay spinach, Neri Di Toscana cabbage/kale and mustard greens daily in the gh. I ordered a pkt of Tatsoi mustard but it turns out it was mislabeled and I believe it is the variety Mibuna, which have the tall, thin leaves.


Thank you. Your veggie garden look so nice. My area is too hot in summer for them. Most of the time my husband will eat the earliest fruit, if I don’t ask him to wait so I can take a picture. :wink: