2020 pick of the day


My first Blueberry of the season,Hannah’s Choice.Sweet.bb


Here is some of my



I’ve been eating a lot of lettuce. Yum!


Snow Queen nectarine from the back yard

Santa Rosa (left) and the “new Superior” plum (right)

Snow Queen and Santa Rosa (cling stone). Both are sweet and good.

I don’t think the “new Superior” is actually Superior variety, because the inside is red not yellow. It is very good. Santa Rosa is only really sweet when juicy, but this one is sweet and tangy when still firm. Both have sour skin and cling stone.

I couldn’t match the leaves of the new tree with any plum we have. Any suggestion about the variety would be greatly appreciated.


Nice harvesting, All my favorite varieties except the new superior. My superior plum is swert and very juicy, can drink it with a straw when it is fully tipe


Shiro plum: very juicy and sweet when the skin turns bright yellow. The skin is thin but sour, not good when firm, cling stone.
Dapple Supreme pluot: good when firm, more sweet than sour
Atomic Red nectarine: too small because of the heat, very sweet when soft but the pit is too big for the size, cling stone. The double red flowers were very pretty.
Grape cherry tomato: very good, balance sweet and sour, the skin is very thin, better than Sungold

Garnsey figs: this is the reason they don’t sell them, even at farmer market: the skin bruises easily when ripe. Very sweet.

Eggplant: small, I don’t know the name. Very good when fried, my daughter loves them with ketchup :wink:


I juiced very ripe Shiro last year, adding a little sugar, and came to really enjoy it mixed with carbonated water. Now that I have a clear use for it, my Shiro set about 10 fruit this year :frowning:


We tend to show off the best. My Candy Heart was loaded with flowers, then it rained and we ended up with one fruit. We went and “rescued” another one with fruits at a local nursery. Dapple Supreme only has a few. The Splash had hundreds last year but only a few dozens total on two trees so they were gone. The peaches have been very good though. The sad thing is I think the gophers form a new route and really damage the Thompson and Flame grapevines, so I don’t think we will have anything but the Zinfandel and Canadice this year. The route goes on the rental place next door, so I can’t do anything because the owner is not here.
This year the Shiro are really big and sweet because somehow the Catalina plum next to it died. There is no way to predict anything.
There are two small long time local nurseries near my place. They are run by owner. I know after a certain date they wouldn’t water the trees much anymore, because of the water cost, so the fruits would drop anyway. One is really desperate. They have the sale on trees but we never asked for the discount, and I think the owner noticed it. He really looked happy to see us even with the all masks on.


Alpine strawberries. A mix of Alexandria, Regina, White Soul, Yellow Wonder and Pineapple Crush. Fragrant and flavorful, one of my favorite things to grow.


Wellington Mulberries ripening.bb


My atomic red nectarines were not good last year, I’m really hoping that the flavor improves this year.


I have two Atomic Red in container. One tree always has small fruits because it is in the hottest area. The other has shade during the day, and had much bigger and very sweet fruits last year, so yours can get better I hope. This year it has none. Anything flowered when it rained set nearly no fruit. I have almost two of everything and they don’t bloom at the same time. One of the Emerald Beaut is loaded while the one right next to it has none. We never had random raining days mixed with heat wave until June like this year, it is so weird.


Almost the same thing with mine. It’s worth keeping just because of the beautiful flowers. I have sandy soil, last year bacterial spot got it bad. Thankfully, it’s been dry this year. I also got an Emerald Beaut with a single plum in the whole tree! :pensive:


Strawberries and lots more kale. So far I have picked close to 7 quarts of strawberries. In the freezer they go until I have the time to make pie and jam. The strawberries I pick today and tomorrow will be used for strawberry shortcake.
I picked a few small beets to put in a jar of pickled eggs. The beets add a lovely color to the eggs and the eggs are from our chickens.


The pickled eggs look so nice. I only have store-bought eggs. Would it be possible for you to let me know how to do it. Thanks a lot for posting.


This egg looks like something out of Disneyland!


Salad, Cauliflower ( first of the year) and Radishes ( first as well)


thats a cool looking egg. got to try that. whats your tip to peel them? i butcher the heck out of them trying to peel them.


Beautiful looking vegetables! Your cauliflower looks perfect!


Sorry to jump in here… barefoot may do this too…
I steam my eggs now, rather than boil them. They peel so easily! I steam for about 20 minutes. I also love the yolk color doing it this way. I don’t over cook them and get the grayish/green tinge around the outer layer of yolk like I used to get when boiling them.

@barefootgardener your produce looks great! Those strawberries make me jealous! What’s the variety? I need to build a new strawberry bed… I was just looking at different varieties for Kansas. Not sure which ones I will go with.