2020 pick of the day


Thank you! Honestly I’m quite surprised how good it turned out with the three weeks of rain and wild temperature swings we’ve had.


Sugar Twist pluerry: very good, sweet and juicy, skin is a little sour, clingstone.
Sweet Treat pluerry: very good,still crunchy, balance sweet and sour.
Geo Pride pluot: very sweet

Sugar Twist (left}, Geo Pride (right), Sweet Treat (bottom)



Please forgive my ignorance, but I don’t know what it is. You seem to have everything. :wink:


LOL! No i don’t… it’s a cactus (Crassula Hemisphaerica Temple). :blush:


The best tomatoes ever!


MrsG, those look so good! Can you tell us varieties?



We are looking forward to the harvest of the new trees on your terrace.


The green is ‘Green Zebra’, solid red is ‘Cuore di Bue’, don’t know the name of the yellow egg type tomatoes (very, very sweet). Yellow and red striped German heart tomato, and the deep purple to pink did not have a name. It is a variety you can get in smaller sizes in the US. I have never seen them soooo big.


So am I. The only trees hanging on to fruit when they were bought are the lemon and two apples. Everything else I picked off. The lemon is currently blooming with many new fruits. It is like magic after coming from the Northeast and having to be patient for years.


Sugar Twist pluerry: very good crunchy or soft, but if you don’t like the sour skin stay with pluots

Sugar Twist pluerry and Snow Queen nectarine

Sugar Twist pluerry

Sungold and Grape tomatoes: good for eating right from the plant. They are very clean growing inside the window screen enclosure.
Prime Ark 45, very productive, still can pick everyday while Prime Ark Freedom already ended.
Mixed strawberries: Albion and Eversweet are in the extended mini raised bed, while I covered the ground under the old Sequoia plant with aluminum foil. No more roly poly bugs.
The forgotten green bean that is quite big


Picked the remainder of the AU Cherry Plums today and my Williams Pride apples are ripening. This years WP is very good quality and ripening just after Carolina Red June.


Very nice! Are your pots and raised Beds wrapped in aluminium foil or something like that? If so why? Wondering if it helps with preventing some issues…


The black plastic containers are very hot under the sun, so the heavy duty aluminum foil reflects the light and keeps the roots cool. I can’t use the fabric bags because the air is very dry, and the ceramic containers are too heavy for us.
The roly poly bugs and slugs somehow don’t climb up the aluminum foil to eat the strawberries. I don’t want the fruits to get dirty so the wires keep them off the ground.


Awesome setup! Well designed!


Not really, but thank you :wink:
It is a constant battle against whatever wants to eat the fruits.
After the bearded dragon got stuck in the bird netting, yesterday I had to move all of them up about 8" off the ground, so he, or any creatures, can freely roam around. Hopefully none of the rats can get in with the hardware cloth. I love to have my daughter home so the fruits have less priority now.


Growing giant kohlrabi this year with seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I had tried one at a farmers market in upstate New York and was amazed that a kholrabi so big was still tender and crisp. Seems to work great down here in 7a as well, although not as big. I’ll be growing these again this fall. Dog for scale.


Now that is a classic portrait ! Love it !


More Williams Pride. They taste so much better this year. Good early apple this season.


Nadia Plum.Is anyone still growing this?bb