2020 Varmint Report

Each year I post a varmint report showing all of the animals
that I disposed of during the year. I’ve been doing this, since this forum started, so you can
search for the numbers for other years.
2020, has been a most unusual year in all aspects, including the activity of varmints in my orchard. It seems that varmints were not exempt from the lock downs that have plagued us all. I use 5 safeguard traps along with a scoped air rifle, which some SOB stole from my garage, during the night. Here goes.

Squirrels 20
Rabbits 3
Possums 5

As you can tell, varmint activity was WAY down over previous years.
I’m curious to hear, if others had the same level of inactivity.


That’s interesting! I had a mixed bag.
Seemed like way fewer rabbits, fewer groundhog sightings (though I usually have just one resident groundhog- if I trap and remove one, another will make himself at home in a few weeks)
On the other hand, I had raccoons for the first time. I trapped 2. One day i saw 3 at once on a raid of my maypops.
So, that was interesting but agree I think activity was down.

Bears, coyotes, hawks, eagles, bobcats, lynx, cougars…their multiplication with the help of you know who has reduced some wildlife. I did see 4 snakes in my orchard, one green and one black, fortunately no copperheads or I’d have looked for something to send him on to his reward.

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i havent seen a single squirrel in 3 months. nary a fox either so cant blame it on them. i guess my culling of thier numbers over the years has finally taken its toll, as well as the crazy cat lady that has 10 ferals a few houses up. :wink: i guess theyre good for something. no voles in 4 yrs either.


1 squrrel
1 raccoon
1possum Released where caught for its good values are greater than it bad values
My best year yielded 21 Racoons, 21 Possums, 2 Squirrels, 1 ground hog, and a kitty cat that i released

possums to me are adorable little guys
kinda have to get past the tail and the smell but their faces and their waddle are adorable. Baby possums? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
They have not really done any damage to my stuff, though I suspect them of digging around my trees for grubs.
I put up chicken wire and it keeps them at bay.
However, once my pawpaw trees start producing, they would probably be an issue. I already have electric fencing ready to go.

Rabbits were prolific here this year. All the other usual critters had healthy populations. The only decrease was turkeys. I don’t bother trapping or shooting (although I do make an occasional exception) because I don’t think I could ever make a dent in the population.