2021 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!

One more pic for today… my last Early Elberta peach… and it looks like a good one.

That is my Reliance ? (which is probably not a Reliance) in the background… it is loaded. They start ripening soon after the Early Elberta finishes. Perfect timing.



My Apricot season is officially over. Last harvest Harcot Apricots .
Total fruit set = 5
Harvested = 3.5
Birds and squirrels took = 1.5

After eating these super sweet I am planting and grafting more Apricots.
Any suggestions are welcome. My zone is 7A.

Harcot Apricots


If I were you, I’d grow what Scott grows :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I said it before, I used to dislike apricots because all I ever ate were store-bought which consistently were awful, either tasteless or sour.

I was not sure what to expect when I grafted apricots to my peach trees in 2016. Once I tried my home-grown apricots, I was amazed how good they were. Apricots and nectarines are the two fruit that I feel are worth my trouble growing them.


Thanks I will ask Scott too.

That will make my job easier since I can put some grafts on my peaches ,plums and also have few one year old peach rootstock.

How successful you were grafting Apricots on peach ?

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Surprisingly, 90+% with apricots while my peach grafting success has been inconsistent!!

Be careful, apricots like Tomcot and Orangered can put out 8-12 feet long canes in a season. They have made my peach trees imbalanced.


@TNHunter , your apples look huge compared to mine, which most are still 2 or less in in diameter.

Love all the pictures from everyone.
Here’s my pear from a tree that came with house. I think it may be a Seckle.


Shaped like Seckel

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@sockworth … I tried to grow pears here 3 times with different varieties… when they got a few years on and started blooming good… fire blight… wiped them out… and when the pears got it… another apple tree bit the dust too.

I finally gave up.

I have since read that having a Bradford pear nearby your orchard… (which I did) … was not good. They carry FB and spread it to your fruit trees.

Good luck with yours… looks great.

When it cools off some this fall… my Bradford will be history.


Those Bradford stumps make a great root stock for European Pear !

Congratulations Naeem! These look amazing good… Here are my variety suggestions:

Early Blush


That may be the juiciest apricot I’ve ever seen.


I definitely will include Orangered. I like it a bit more than Tomcot. I also like Robada a lot.


@AndySmith … hmmm… get rid of something that is causing me problems and replace with something I love to eat fresh… and pear jam is soooooo good. And not have to remove the stump.

Only problem would be it is really close to our home… like within 20 ft. Pears can get messy with fruit drop. Those monster Hornets and yellow jackets wasp etc… love them too.

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Today I tried a Methley from my tree. Was about 80% ripe. Was really good. In the past I found that methleys turn into a sack of juice if left to hang too long. So I’d prefer to eat them when they are entering peak ripeness rather than being too ripe. I do not care for fruit that is mushy or super soft. I really need texture. I think that is why I like pluots so much.

Also had a Pristine apple that dropped when I hit it mowing grass. Wasn’t fully ripe but had a delightful sour apple taste to it. Reminded me of eating apples off my uncle’s tree as a kid.


Something knocked this Sorriso di Primavera off. It was crunchy, tart, and sweet. Definitely needs some more hang time. The surviving 20 or so fruit all got bagged to try to prevent further casualties. I would’ve had at least twice as many if I was more diligent with early PC sprays.


The small grafted branch I have produced about a half dozen.A squirrel probably liked them and left me one,which was then bagged.
It looks like this variety sets fruit very easily.

Agreed, mine is only 2 years old. It had the fewest flowers of my plums, but set the most fruit despite the other varieties being completely covered in blooms.


My Orangered picked today,7/2/21. I cut up the one with a bug spot. It was only skin deep. That one had brix at 17. I think our two days of non-stop rain lowered its sweetness. The one we had yesterday tasted better and sweeter.


That’s one fancy name for a plum :grinning:

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Hopefully it tastes as good as it sounds once properly ripened :rofl:

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