2021 Singing Tree

Anyone have a 2021 Fruit & Nut listing/pricing for Singing Tree Acres? How about a phone number? I know Richard doesn’t do email, but wondered if we can call and check on availability before sending in an order.

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I can scan the order sheet and post it tomorrow if you’d like



That would be great, thank you. As far as you know, there is no phone number?

Richard has been off the gird for over 50 yrs, No phone/no electric/no plumbing/no gas engines/uses only hand tools. Gives classes at his place on grafting/homesteading etc. He did a lot as the apple guru for NAFEX. Very interesting character.


He does sound like a neat guy. If I lived nearby I would attend some grafting classes. Nothing like hands on experience.
Thanks @JDARL !


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Thanks so much @Chills!!

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Happy to do it…

I had to scan it twice the first time it looked terrible. I think this one is pretty legible.

If there’s anything you can’t read let me know.


I think I can read everything just fine. Thanks again!

Anyone know if it matters if the check should be written to Richard or Singing Tree?