2022 Japanese Beetle observations at my location

2022 Japanese Beetles

20220519 found about 4.

20220527 found about 30-40.

20220626 found about 4.

20220712 found 1.

Listed are some rough estimates of the timeline for Japanese Beetles at my orchard for 2022. Most mornings I walk through my small orchard observing what is happening to each tree or vine. Prior to the beetles arriving I normally have a cup of coffee in one hand and a box cutter knife available if needed. During the beetle period I carry a small spray bottle of soap/water or Pyganic. I zap each beetle and stink bug that I see. Overall I don’t know how effective my method is but it makes me feel better. Last fall I put out some Milky Spores so I hope I start eliminating some of the beetles so I can go back to carrying a cup of coffee while I do my morning walk around.


I hand spray stink bugs too. I think the population numbers can be drastically reduced because these dead bugs can’t reproduce.

I have a problem with solitary(non-swarming) locusts over-wintering in bushes surrounding my property. They eat my apple blossoms in the Spring so starting last summer I started hunting them. I killed at least 150 and this year there’s no blossom damage.

I have a Fuji tree that is the closest tree to the bushes and hasn’t fruited in 2 years despite a gigantic amount of flowers being destroyed, and I finally figured out why


I will try to record the timing and numbers for 2023. I must say that at the hight of season would expect more than 40 on each of the 3 mature hazels.

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I probably had more than 40 on some days. My intent was to document when they appeared, a mid time, and a rough ending. When my muscadines are blooming is when I start seeing the larger numbers.

I also try to eliminate stink bugs as I make my rounds.