2022 York county PA Pawpaw Festival

York County’s 18th Annual Pawpaw Fest
September 24-25 2022, Horn Farm Center Pennsylvania


Hm… that’s not too far…


Thanks for this
There is a list of pawpaw fests here

I just got off the email with this Guy that made the lists
He replied back to me , I will update him on this fest in PA.

This ends at 3 PM
I think it’s to early

Maryland ends early as well like 4 PM , but is only one day. (not 2)

They could always just have a extended place after hours like Panera bread or something if it’s in Government .facility …

Horn Farm center
4945 Horn Road,
York, PA 17406

There are only 2 listed there with firm dates.

His Email was brief , but he even said few sources didn’t get back to him yet
, and I never asked

I actually found this by accident
Oh looks like there was a pawpaw parade In Canada
In the article
sad to hear the Europeans burned the forests down for farming, and
to try to change the climate of the Carolina zone in Canada

Ben Porchuk (left) and Steve O’Neil (right) are driving across Southern Ontario to deliver 100 pawpaw trees in a bid to help restore the species to its former glory. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

By the way I know some pawpaw fests may not have dates set up
it is not a bad idea to browse around that site if people live near by

I knew of a site long ago with a pawpaw farm , and recently rediscovered it took only seconds.
(your link PA pawpaw festival the guy talks mentions breeding for new cultivars
if you look at His blog, but I have not seen any updates )

Maybe I should Email Him

copied from here

Your post has nothing to do with the title of this thread. For visibility among pawpaw enthusiasts, I recommend you start a new thread with a relevant title.

Not necessarily from York county PA

york county Pennsylvania to Washington DC 94 miles
, and you go past Maryland which is 76 miles of York PA

all very close within each other

Ontario is 400 miles of York County
it is in the conversation of pawpaw fests

Also although 400 miles is a far drive making connections online
and deciding to meet up or even just get different seeds traded

isn’t that what a paw paw fest is all about
exchanging idea’s
Exchanging different cultivar feedback in different climates
Exchanging seeds that have adapted to different weather extremes

Now I know it is diverging some what of the title with the Canada parade 400 miles away
but as far as the Pa pawpaw Festival blog on breeding in the guys blog

I think that is worth mentioning as well
some people may have never thought to look into Him for a New cultivator source
(and he is associated with the Pa pawpaw fest
maybe @ampersand ampersand will start a conversation up with Him in person about it. )