2023 Fall Color

Didn’t see a thread yet for fall color. I’m basically creating this thread mostly to live vicariously through other’s photos.

In south Louisiana we have few native trees that show any color worth noting.

Water maple - a dull red-purple
Sweet Gum - a dull red-purple. I don’t see many sweet gum trees anymore.

Trying to thing of another tree with color and I’m striking out for now.

We get a bit of color from invasive trees like the Chinese tallow.

And now my meager leaf color today. A single yellow leaf on an Asian pear. By single, I mean literally the only yellow leaf on the tree.

Second is a bit of color on an Arctic Star Nectarine I grafted this spring… You can see it underwent another growth spur after we finally received a few rains.


I thought the yellow leaf was a banana.


Oh my! You ARE desperate. Our colors are just getting going here in Western Wisconsin. Sorry I’m not into posting photos. It appears to be a good color year. Now for the sun to come back out.


Damn! Now all I can see is a banana! :banana::joy:

If I didn’t know better I’d think so too.


about 50% color right now. should be close to 100% by oct. 1 or so.


I’ve never traveled at the right time of year to see good fall color.

What you take for granted and is normal, others crave. We are all like that about our own surroundings.

I’m that way with snow as well. We see a few flakes in the air maybe every 5-7 years on average. We probably only see snow on the ground for more than an hour maybe once every 10 years.

At least with snow I can hope for it every year as it’s possible.

With fall color I can’t because we simply don’t have the right climate and trees that show well.

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i highly suggest you migrate to Baxter state park the beginning of Oct. here in Maine at least once in your life. dress warmly though. the dropped leaves are so thick you can lay in them. we do! smells marvelous…


Red and Sugar Maples here are past peak already, thanks to the drought and heat. Many leaves on the ground. Black and Green ash are nearly bare. A week ago most were a brilliant yellow. Same deal with Basswoods. Many years we don’t even see the ash and basswood turn colors due to frost before they get a chance to turn. Burr oaks are dropping leaves quickly and will likely be bare in a week. Red oaks are just starting to turn. Not many white oaks around, but the few that we see are also starting to turn. Big tooth aspen usually put on an incredible show of yellow/orange after the maples are all done. We’ll see if it happens this year. They’re pretty much all still green right now.

Current MN fall color report

WI fall color report page 2023 Fall Color Map | Fall Color Report | Travel Wisconsin

Northeast WI probably has the best fall colors I personally have seen. My area of MN is a very close second though.


Color is just beginning here (Southern Adirondacks, NY):


A sort of a side note. I find fascinating one of the most ancient extant trees: the Gingko Biloba.

I’m sure many know, but it drops all of its leaves in only a day or two, depending on the conditions. This tree had been found in fossils almost just like it is today 170 million years ago.

Just one of many articles on the tree and it’s leaf drop.


My grandmother planted a Gingko at her old place sometime in the 70s as I recall. That tree grew very slowly for many years. I eventually bought her house and acreage when she passed in the late 80s. When I sold that place in 2012 the Gingko was maybe 25’ tall and 15’ wide. It did indeed drop all of its leaves in a day (or two). Many years it didn’t have time to turn yellow due to early frosts. In the years it did, it was cool to see.

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Colors are absolutely beautiful here right now. I live in an area with mainly maples, ash and oak. Here is a cell cam pic from just the other afternoon.


We need more choices than just the heart button on posts.

Should be a ‘wow’ face…

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about the same here. red maples are past but the sugars and aspen are near peak. full peak next week and grouse season opens on sat. my favorite time of the year! as wet as its been, the leaves should hang good for a few weeks.


I’ve seen red maples colorful in January in Florida. And, yep, the tallow tree. Tupelo/black gum, too.

There is some coloration in KY, but it’s from lack of rain. Last year an excellent mid October in east Tennessee. Too early here…seldom see a lot of color in September…some years November is the prime month, but usually around 3rd week of October things get pretty here. Can be nearly Thanksgiving for Piedmont of Carolinas for good color.


A couple of pics from my drive around Maplewood today


Amazing. What is that in the last photo? A kind of grass or heather?

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Thanks. I couldn’t zoom in enough to see it. We do have an occasional sumac here, but nothing like this stand.


Gotta love our native Sumacs for fall color! Virginia Creeper is also a favorite of mine and gets very deep red/burgandy. There are several different species of native sumac in the U.S. Staghorn, Smooth, Shining, and Fragrant Sumac are the most common ones. In PA, some native plant enthusiasts affectionately refer to Staghorn Sumacs as Pennsylvania Palms.