2023 Fruit Tree/Shrub/Vine/Berry/Seed/Tuber Orders

Got an early start this year. :slightly_smiling_face: I just received my order from Urban Farmer. This is my first order with them. They were the only ones offering fall onion sets (that I could find) and a large variety of strawberry seeds. They offered free shipping for order total of $100.00 or more (although I had to pay a small additional shipping fee of 8.00 because I ordered 20 pounds of onion sets… still not horrible for shipping).

I ordered the 4 varieties of onion sets that they sell, 8 type of strawberry seeds, several types of flower seeds, 5 varieties of tobacco (they sell a lot of varieties of this too), 3 types of edamame, and some other misc. veg, melon, and gourd seeds.

Anyway, I am very pleased with my order so far. Ordered Monday night and it was delivered today, Sat. (USPS), which was a 5 day turn around. Well packaged, all seeds and sets were present and accounted for and look to be in good condition. As long as they germinate, we’ll be in business! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I was 1st scion order in with Fedco again this year. After a full summer watching, caring for, and thinking about apple trees, I’m wound up and ready to go long before their ordering season opens. :smile:

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I ordered 2 Obsidian Blackberry plants yesterday from One Green World… they did not offer spring shipping… so getting them this fall. Prepped a planting site today.

Those are hard to find now days.

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I’m assuming that Obsidian Blackberry from One Green World is a thorny variety. Have you actually tasted it before?

Have not tasted it yet… but hope to in a couple years.

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I would like to send you some strawberry seed from an heirloom one that i got this year… its big…and everbearing and acts like no other one i have grown. Since you are into strawberries i would like to know how they fare against your others…

I can send you some heirloom tomato seed too if you want.

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I was gonna order some new peach varieties but i guess im not allowed to grow them.

Rutgers University is in NJ… kinda odd that they wont even sell them in their own state…

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Sure! I’ll pm you!